Friday, August 01, 2008

More fun

Lots of fun at the friend Mai Tai and I have been well acquainted.....Greg's gotten in 3 days of golf (I think it's getting progressively better!)

We went to a lua' was fantastic....great food.....amazing show....Keira got to go on stage on do the hula and they brought her birthday cake and sang to her! And you know how the world is so small......well, our server's aunt and uncle live 5 doors down from my parents!

Took the kids to snorkel Molokini.....what a great day! We went on the Triology boat, if you're ever here you should definitely use them....what a fun crew, great food, just an all around fantastic day. Kade and I saw so much, tons of fish, different sea urchins, a spotted eagle ray and 5 sea turtles. The kids loved it when they turned off the engines and hoisted the sails. They were at the very front of the boat looking quite "Titanic I'm on Top of the World!" I was surprised they were totally fine in the water because all this week when we've been in the room they've been watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel so I thought we might have some issues!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

So the Chicago style pizza in Maui is not truly Chicago worthy but what do you expect? It was good....but about half the size of a true Chicago deep dish....that's okay - just going to have to go back to Chi town!!

So besides eating we have been doing some other stuff!

Here is the view from our room......

This is from the coast of the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua where we hung out with my parents.....

Kade took surfing lessons - he did great!

We took the kids to the Iao Valley so they could see the Needle and be in a rainforest. The other little guy is our nephew Cooper.

That's it for now..... :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Aloha from Ka'anapali

Yep we're here!! Yesterday was excrutiating. Travel days are always a little wearing however when you are traveling as a party of 11.....and 3 of the 11 for some reason do not have confirmed seats on the plane.....and 4 of us (my family) end up having to pay for our luggage because our tickets weren't issued until June 23 even though the trip was booked in February.....and the airplane smells like cat urine....and not everyone in the party is booked on the same floor of the hotel....and the dinner restaurant does not have Hula Pie.....well, things get even a wee bit more complicated!

Today was up and went to a 'presentation breakfast with Auntie Aloha. She is hilarious but of course they push the time share thing....not happening. After that we hooked up with my mom and dad who just happened to be here on the same island for a wedding. They're staying at the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua so we went there and swam all late am/early pm and then had a great lunch of tempura mahi mahi.

Kade learned to body surf! Yeah!! I think he's finally overcoming his ocean phobia. Keira is practicing her swimming like a champ.

Tonight we are eating at a Chicago style pizzeria. Can't wait. I've been jonesing for deep dish since Kathy and I were in Chi-town last summer.

Of course I can't show you any pics because I forgot the drive to dump my camera card but I'll do a google search and see what I can find for you.

More later!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Littlest One is Six!!

Yep - here she is - my baby turned 6 today!

She decided she wanted to go to the American Girl Store for her birthday so down to the Grove we went. We shopped and shopped.....and she finally decided on......


Now what you can't see in this picture is to her right, Adam Sandler, his wife and daughter are also shopping for an American Girl. When we were in line I heard this voice say "Hey Sadie look at this one!" and it sounded so familiar. I turned around and there he was. I said to Reece "Look - it's the Waterboy." And then he tells Kade "It's Zohan!" They wanted to get their picture with him but decided it would be nice to just let him chill and shop with his daughter. Of course when we were having lunch they decided they were so bummed they didn't take one with him. Here they are after lunch - Keira has changed into her matching Kit outfit by this time.

Now we're home and they're all tired and they are actually laying down and taking naps!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What Have We Been Doing?

Lots and lots and lots!!

Mostly baseball. Kade played in the Tournament of Champions and on a 10U District All Star Team. I was awesome.....but it was weeks and weeks and hours and hours of practices and games. If they weren't practicing or playing it seemed like all the boys were over here and I was cooking spaghetti and meatballs for them!

Kade also turned 10!! We had fun with all the family over....bbq and guitar hero all night long!

Keira has been playing, playing and going to dance camp and she turns 6 in 2 days! Where has the time gone.

As for G and I....well we're just keeping up with the kids....

We're off to Maui in a few days....hallelujah!! Vacation is well overdue!

Saturday, May 03, 2008


I didn't blog in March.....I didn't blog in April....let's see what I can do in May!

Of course we have been incredibly busy - as always. Here's a few pics from the last 2 months.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Today was the day...

that Keira played her first t-ball softball game! It was great. She had a really fun time, especially when she found out she was playing against her cousin Carly. They did good though, only hugged before the game, waved at each other on the field once during the game and begged for a sleepover after the game.

Her team is the Pink Angels and surprisingly they are the only girls' team that wanted pink uniforms. If you ever want to come out for some good laughs let me know and I'll shoot you a copy of her schedule.

Oh and yes, Greg is quite thrilled that Keira chose softball over spring soccer.....and Keira is excited to have Asst. Coach Daddy!