Friday, September 15, 2006

A long 4 months

not as long for me as it was for some others that I love dearly....but long enough. Back in May I asked you to pray about/for people who are like family to me. They were facing a situation that would have put a son/brother/father on death row. On May 10th the a committee was supposed to return a decision on whether or not the death penalty would be an option for this young man. Well, May 10 turned into September 14 and the decision is, the death penalty is not an option in sentencing.

Now of course this young man will pay, and has been paying, for the crime he committed. He willingly left his voice out of the workings of the committee in order for God to work in the way He wanted to. Would I have been able to do that knowing that my voice might save my life? Am I willing to give up my 'perceived' control over my destiny? Questions to think about.

Anyway, this situation is not over and there will be more hurdles to overcome...but there is comfort in knowing he will not have to pay the price of his life.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

.000 ERA baby!

Kade pitched his first ever game today! He's playing on a fall ball team with a bunch of really nice kids and parents....very cool experience so far. They had their first game this morning (and in the early morning rush I forgot the camera! waa!) The coach is letting all the kids get a chance at playing every position which is great. Kade got to pitch the 3rd inning. I think I held my breath the whole time. He walked the first batter. Then threw a strike to the 2nd batter...the first kid tried to steal 2nd and our catcher made an awesome throw (Kade even ducked out of the way for the throw - cute!) and they got him out. Then he struck out the next 2 batters. Needless to say he is on cloud 9 and I am finally breathing again!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Ponies Win!!

Well, the soccer gods were looking down on the Shooting Star Ponies on Saturday. Victory! 3 to 0....and there is actually proof that Keira participated in the game. That actually didn't happen until halftime when her daddy and brother showed up. For some reason their mere presence turned her into Little Miss Pele. That's her....little number 4 going after the ball....shocking!

Now of course she and her friend Oni did a lot of hugging on the field too. There's just a lot of love on the Shooting Star Ponies! And when you are only 4 you need to take time for your friends....even if it is in the middle of a soccer game!