Saturday, September 15, 2007

Need to Talk - Don't Know What to Say

The above is one of my favorite quotes from Grey's Anatomy. Do you remember how great it was being a kid? All we had to worry about was making sure we were in by the time the street lights came on.....making sure we strung the right pattern with our macaroni beads....just all the random things that then seemed huge. I wish that was what was huge now.

But now we're grown-ups...and with being a grown-up comes grown-up crap....death, infidelity, divorce, disallusion, disappointment, illness, loss.....some of these have touched my life....some have not....some have in a round about way......

I look at my husband and my kids and I praise God for my life. And then I'm on my knees praying for the hedge of protection He can provide them from 'the flaming arrows of the evil one.' I am just overwhelmed lately about the spiritual battle that is raging around us.

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,
but against the rulers, against the authorities,
against the powers of this dark world and
against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."
Ephesians 6:12
But I still am going to keep praise on my lips because there's hope. I am finding peace in reading the Psalms right now. Songs of sorrow and joy....and hope.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ECO Wednesday

I like to think that I am an environmentally concious person. My dad calls me a 'hippy' but I think that's a bit too far....I do shave under my arms and I can't stand bare feet. There are things that I do that I am sure are not fantastic for the environment so I try to make up for it So I have decided that on Wednesdays this will become ECO blog. Not sure what form it will take but I'm going on the ride nonetheless.

So for the inagural ECO Wednesday I thought I would share some of the things we do in my household to try and be good stewards of the beautiful earth.

Recycle! Yep, everyone does it I'm sure. But it should be more than the bottle and the can. We break down every cardboard box and container, toss in every newspaper and magazine....even junk mail!

Take your own bags to the market. Let's quit using all those plastic bags at the grocery store. I have some great canvas bags I take with me. And one of my faves is one I got at Trader Joe's. It's insulated so the cold foods stay cold.

Buy local. I know there's a debate on whether or not organic food is good for the planet in the long run. But I do try to buy meats and dairy products that come from animals that have not been treated with hormones. I just don't want to feed it to my kids. And I love buying our produce at the Farmer's Market. It supports the local farmers and nothing beats a tomato fresh off the vine in my salad.

Plant Something. Get that fresh oxygen flowing. Plant something in your yard once a month.

Okay - so those are some of the things I am trying to incorporate into my family's lifestyle. How about you? Any ideas I can add?

Monday, September 03, 2007

Who Am I?

So this is a blog challenge from Liz over at EBB Creations . It's supposed to be an introduction about yourself. I guess I assume if you read my blog you know me....but maybe there are some things about me you don't know. So I guess I will share some 'deep dark secrets'.

1. I am extrememly claustrophobic and have serious space issues
2. I can't eat food if it still has bones in it
3. I have owned 8 cars in the last 20 years
4. I have been rapelling - Australian style.
5. I've spent a lot of time in school....I have an Associate of Arts degree, a Bachelor's Degree in Business Managment with a Minor in Finance, California Real Estate License, California State Teaching Credential with a Clear Credential and a CLAD Credential and a County of Ventura Level II Technology Certificate.
6. I have a 3 inch scar on my right foot from getting my foot sliced open when I was 2....broken glass in a lake.
7. I am enthralled by clouds.
8. I could never be a podiatrist or beautician because other people's hair and feet creep me out.
9. I eat plain yogurt and granola for breakfast almost everyday.
10. My nickname in Jr. High was Ralph.

Now what about you? Tell me something I don't know about you!