Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Mother's Nightmare

at least mine, would be having someone steal my child. I think the Amber alert has been a really positive step. Now they've taken it a step futher and you can sign up to receive text messages on your cell phone when an alert is issued. You get to choose the zip codes for the areas you are in so you will get alerted if anything happens in your area.

Sign up!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Little Songwriter

We got out some of our Christmas decorations tonight. Keira was walking around with ornaments and other decor. Then she started singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"......Kade soon joined in. It's so cool to hear my kids singing together!

But then Keira started adding her own lyrics and when I realized what she was saying I had to write it down.....quite amazing for a 4 year old....I'm not totally sure she realized the poignancy of what she was saying....but I's a portion...

"'re finding your way - you're destined to explain - in your time of doing it - by Jesus side - we don't know what to do without Baby Jesus - is it my time - is it my time - and I don't know what to do without God....."

She has been asking me about death a lot lately....talking about our friend Tim who was dear Gram who she's named grandma that's still here with us.....and today she asked me when it was going to be her time to go to heaven. Mommys don't want to think about that question....but when Keira talks about death, she has no fear....only trust....and what do you say to that? I do not want to put fear in her.....I want her to continue in the freedom of not living in I told her the only thing I could.....only God knows when you are going to heaven.