Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Mother's Nightmare

at least mine, would be having someone steal my child. I think the Amber alert has been a really positive step. Now they've taken it a step futher and you can sign up to receive text messages on your cell phone when an alert is issued. You get to choose the zip codes for the areas you are in so you will get alerted if anything happens in your area.

Sign up!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Little Songwriter

We got out some of our Christmas decorations tonight. Keira was walking around with ornaments and other decor. Then she started singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"......Kade soon joined in. It's so cool to hear my kids singing together!

But then Keira started adding her own lyrics and when I realized what she was saying I had to write it down.....quite amazing for a 4 year old....I'm not totally sure she realized the poignancy of what she was saying....but I's a portion...

"'re finding your way - you're destined to explain - in your time of doing it - by Jesus side - we don't know what to do without Baby Jesus - is it my time - is it my time - and I don't know what to do without God....."

She has been asking me about death a lot lately....talking about our friend Tim who was dear Gram who she's named grandma that's still here with us.....and today she asked me when it was going to be her time to go to heaven. Mommys don't want to think about that question....but when Keira talks about death, she has no fear....only trust....and what do you say to that? I do not want to put fear in her.....I want her to continue in the freedom of not living in I told her the only thing I could.....only God knows when you are going to heaven.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Be Thankful

Oh there are so many things to be thankful for....the obvious....the not so obvious.....

Annette at SA issued the thankfulness blog challenge. And since I need to get blogging here goes....

1. God
2. Greg, Kade, Keira and my family
3. My friends that I consider a part of my family
4. The Bridge Community
5. People that stand up for injustice
6. The ability to physically feel joy and pain deep down inside
7. The smell on the streets after the first rain
8. Starbucks
9. The coccoon-like of my bed after a long day
10. The internet

Yes, some of these are deep...some shallow....but volumes could be written about each one. If you've read this - consider yourself tagged and get over to your blog and list!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I am Here!

Breathing, well, happy, content.....

Life has been happening at full speed...I think I am beginning to see some slowing....

More to come soon

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nice Kids Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of the study is entitled Clarifying Vision.

What is the vision I have for my kids? Do my kids know anything about the vision I have for them? If they know, do they get it too? I don't know if I've really thought about a concrete vision I have for my kids. I have a general target or umbrella thought about what I would like for them but I have never really thought of targets along the way. Or as all of us school teachers keep hearing....the benchmarks.

The author came up with a target that he wanted for his children when they reached 18 - it included goals in the following areas; spiritual, social, physical, emotional, mental, character and life skills.

Being the visual person I am, I actually want to create a picture of a target....break it into annual chunks and sit down with each of the kids and come up with our 'targets' for the coming year. With the new year right around the corner I think it's the perfect time. The goals can be measureable and we can check ourselves as the year goes on. I want my kids to take ownership of the target vision too....which is why Greg and I are going to include them in the planning process. Greg and I will also be working on a long range goal to help direct our parenting.

Here are some of the quotes that I liked and some of the things that gave me pause from this chapter:

"Only 4 percent of the parents surveyed (this was from a Barna Group survey) thought it was important to help their kids develop moral values. More than twice as many parents were concerned with making their kids happy than with seeing their kids moral."

"If we seek to disciple our children, the goal isn't their happiness but helping them prepare for life and make wise choices. One of the crucial goals parents often forget is imparting a vision to their child - helping her discover her purpose and see herself as a significant member of a larger community, contributing to a greater cause."

"Many parents are climbing the ladder of success and dragging their kids behind them, only to discover the ladder is leaning on the the wrong building. The ladder is leaning against the fun house from a traveling carnival. Tomorrow the structure will be gone. Happiness for our children is too elusive a goal."

"I like to tell Christian parents, "Don't stress. Pray. The same Holy Spirit that is in them is in you. Pray that he'll do his work.""

"Before we can pass on vision to our children, we must have one for ourselves as parents."

"It's no good to have a home with curb appeal but a crumbling foundation."

"Your children are more likely to become persons of vision if they have grown up in a home that believes in and reinforces vision."

"Prayer helps us imagine our children's future with confidence because we know that they won't walk alone - God will be with them."

"It takes a lot more than good intentions to leave a legacy of love. The best intentions have a tough time competing with the relentless pressures of culture. We have to be focused and strategic. Good intentions that aren't followed by specific actions are just empty words."

"A child with vision doesn't get trapped in the mundane. There is something he is shooting for. He has ideals and goals that inspire him. With an internal sense of purpose and a clear vision of what he wants to become, he is motivated to pursue his aims."

***Then one of my favorites of all***

"We are created by intelligent design rather than by evolution through natural selection. We aren't mistakes; we are masterpieces. We are creations of worth." Can I get an Amen!?!

So, do you have a vision for yourself? For yourself as a parent? For your child? Children? Do they know what the vision is? Any thoughts?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

This Little Girl

was born strong....even in the womb she was strong. And strong is a great way to describe her....she has strong will....a strong love for animals....a strong reliance on she grows she will be a strong force to be reckoned with!

She is also very smart! It amazes me that she is already writing all her letters and numbers....spelling words
.....drawing pictures and then telling us a story about them....

What a blessing she is!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Firstborn

He's my boy.....watching him grow is bringing tears to my eyes....tears of joy....but also of longing....for that little toddler in the cowboy hat. Tonight he reminded me that "he's halfway to being a guy"

How to describe him.....sensitive, empathetic, athletically gifted, artistic, loving, authentic, messy, distractable, creative, goofy......

I'm proud of the boy that he has become....he's overcome things....he still does not believe in himself as much as I do....but that will too come in time. He's my firstborn and will always be my baby!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Raising Nice Kids Part II

Thanks for all your insightful comments on the last post. I love being part of conversations (even if online) where everyone can share freely and respectfully.

I think the gist of what I'm feeling from this book is that our kids need to be equipped to be more than just 'nice'. 'Nice' is great but can be so ambiguous. What is their 'nice' based in?

The second chapter is titled "Parenting as Discipleship" and holds to the thought that parenting should be more than just modifying our children's behavior. It shouldn't be just raising them into compliant little people that are dressed and groomed well and show good manners in public. That's part of it, of course, but they need preparation.....preparation and conditioning to take on the challenges they will most certainly face in life.....getting them ready to do battle in the 'cosmic contest' that is going on around them.

So here are some of the main ideas of this chapter that I found most intriguing....

"We want to pass on lasting values to our kids. To do this we need a perspective that is transcultural and not simply a product of our culture. We need a long term perspective that is not obsessed with short term payoffs."

"We are on a mission from God. We have been called by Him to raise up the next generation of moral leaders. We need to move beyond punishment and discipline to discipleship."

"Discipline should be understood not as punishment but as teaching of self-discipline, an internalization of values through relationship."

"The primary goal of parenting isn't teaching, it's modeling"

"A focus on discipline generally creates compliant kids, but it rarely produces courageous ones. Now I am not advocating a permissive style of parenting; I am calling us to a more demanding style of parenting - one that requires us to change and grow and provide the example. Discipleship calls on us to set the pace, knowing that our children are most likely to absorb the values they see lived out in our lives. We can teach them skills, but we need to show, not tell, when it comes to what we say is important."

That last paragraph is the most telling for me in the chapter. This book is reminding me that to change my children, most of the time I need to change myself too. I need to be present and cognizant of my daily doings.

Is what I am saying/telling my children matching up with the way that I am living on a day to day basis? Am I around when those 'teachable moments' present themselves or am I too absorbed in myself? Am I trying to occupy them by buying them the lastest and greatest, signing them up for every imaginable activity or am I showing them that I intend to be intentional and deliberate in the time I share with them?

Sometimes these questions are hard to ask....but we have to be honest with ourselves....not delude ourselves to think we're already doing everything we can to raise them.....I know that when I ask myself some of those questions the answers that I give are not the ones that will be in the best interest of raising my kids. So I have to change....and be willing to change.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Danger of Nice Children

Greg and I are in a small group right now studying a book called The Danger of Raising Nice Kids. The first time I saw the title, I was baffled. What's wrong with nice kids? I think my kids are nice? I want them to be nice.

But as we're delving into this book I am finding reasons why I want my kids to be more than nice. Let me share a few things from the first chapter with you. As we dive deeper into the book and into conversation I'm sure there will be more.

What is nice? According to the author it's a pleasant, friendly, well-mannered, carefully groomed and most likely conservatively dressed person. But Webster's dictionary will tell you that at one time nice meant strange, lazy and foolish coming from the Latin root for 'ignorant.'

If you noticed all of the things the author mentions in his description of nice are outward or behavioral issues. Yes those things are important but what about the qualities of the heart like vision, authenticity, listening, empathy, compassion, discernment, boudaries, contentment and passionate love?

So for now, I will leave you with some of the quotes that struck me the post from the author. Feel free to comment. I'd love to be in conversations with you about this too.

1. A lot of what passes as advice to parents, including advice to Christian parents, will help us raise nice kids. Nice wimpy kids. Kids without backbone, passion or courage. In this era, kids like that will be destroyed.

2. We need to know how to go far beyond influencing our children's behavior to influencing their heart, mind and skills for life. We need to learn to parent with purpose, to grow integrity within ourselves and our children.

3. Our children need qualities that will help them become warriors, not wusses.

The author has a whole discussion on how we are creating an entire generation of children who do not know how to fail. We offer praise to our kids about everything and tell them they did good, even if the didn't. Do they realize we're just patronizing them sometimes? I have a feeling my kids do. So back to authors quotes.

4. False praise creates fragile people. We want people to feel good about themselves. As a result of this esteem obsession, we have a generation who thinks they are entitled to things without working for them.

5. We need to resist our culture and allow our children to grow up slowly.

6. Don't be afraid of your child. Don't be afraid to draw the line. Children need a moral center - an anchor that provides stability while they choose friends, discern the right decisions and perceive others with empathy.

7. We need to train them to take criticism without falling apart. We need to permit scenarios in which they fail but learn that failure is never final, unless you blame someone else. Some of lifes greatest lessons can be learned from our failures, if we are willing. We need to help our children develop an accurate view of themselves, with clear-cut analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, instead of a hyped-up self-esteem based on shallow slogans. We want them to feel good about themselves without thinking god of themselves.

Ok friends - that's it for today. I'll bring you thoughts on chapter 2 tomorrow.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Music Tag

Liz tagged did Bonni I think and maybe someone else I guess I shall participate.

The Rules
List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal/blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

1. How To Save A Life by The Fray
2. 100 Years by Five for Fighting
3. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
4. World Spins Madly On by The Weepies
5. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
6. Since You've Been Around by Rosie Thomas
7. Where Does The Time Go by The Innocence Mission

Now who can I tag that hasn't been tagged yet.......let's see:
1. Jodi
2. Amanda
3. Sara
4. Miki
5. Kathy
6. Sonda Rimes
7. The In Case You Didn't Know Blog

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I'm behind on my blog - I know.....lots happening this past week, but more about that later. I need to share this. Kade did this the other night. It's a pic of Kita the first day Greg and I got her 11 years ago. She got liver cancer and we had to have her put down about 2 years ago. My kids are still mourning her.

Kade knows she's not coming back....but he made this anyway....and he left it sitting on my desk. Brought tears to me because she was such an amazing dog. And my boy still misses her so much.

Friday, September 15, 2006

A long 4 months

not as long for me as it was for some others that I love dearly....but long enough. Back in May I asked you to pray about/for people who are like family to me. They were facing a situation that would have put a son/brother/father on death row. On May 10th the a committee was supposed to return a decision on whether or not the death penalty would be an option for this young man. Well, May 10 turned into September 14 and the decision is, the death penalty is not an option in sentencing.

Now of course this young man will pay, and has been paying, for the crime he committed. He willingly left his voice out of the workings of the committee in order for God to work in the way He wanted to. Would I have been able to do that knowing that my voice might save my life? Am I willing to give up my 'perceived' control over my destiny? Questions to think about.

Anyway, this situation is not over and there will be more hurdles to overcome...but there is comfort in knowing he will not have to pay the price of his life.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

.000 ERA baby!

Kade pitched his first ever game today! He's playing on a fall ball team with a bunch of really nice kids and parents....very cool experience so far. They had their first game this morning (and in the early morning rush I forgot the camera! waa!) The coach is letting all the kids get a chance at playing every position which is great. Kade got to pitch the 3rd inning. I think I held my breath the whole time. He walked the first batter. Then threw a strike to the 2nd batter...the first kid tried to steal 2nd and our catcher made an awesome throw (Kade even ducked out of the way for the throw - cute!) and they got him out. Then he struck out the next 2 batters. Needless to say he is on cloud 9 and I am finally breathing again!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Ponies Win!!

Well, the soccer gods were looking down on the Shooting Star Ponies on Saturday. Victory! 3 to 0....and there is actually proof that Keira participated in the game. That actually didn't happen until halftime when her daddy and brother showed up. For some reason their mere presence turned her into Little Miss Pele. That's her....little number 4 going after the ball....shocking!

Now of course she and her friend Oni did a lot of hugging on the field too. There's just a lot of love on the Shooting Star Ponies! And when you are only 4 you need to take time for your friends....even if it is in the middle of a soccer game!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Exploring with my boy

Blogger heard my desperate pleas and my picture uploaded!! What a Day!

So Ann(i)e's Challenge was to use 7 different pieces of patterned paper. This was good for me in so many ways! I have been hoarded this paper from ScrapAddict's Fashion Forward Kit. Why do I think paper is too beautiful to cut up? And these pictures of Kade and I have been sitting on my desk waiting for the perfect time to be used. I loved the layout Annie did so much that I lifted the way she laid out her patterned paper and mat paper.

There is not any journaling on this but I can vividly remember talking with Kade on the beach. We talked about all kinds of things....what he thought third grade would be like, what it would feel like to be bitten by a honu, things we love to eat....just little things...but things that remind me that my boy is growing up.

Of course there is also the embarrassing side to the pics....after Greg took these and Kade and I kept walking on down the beach, I slipped hard and cut up my knees and hands. Could it have been because I was wearing flip flops on moss covered rocks? Sure! But I didn't want to loose anytime changing my shoes when I could have been hanging out with my son. The cuts {and embarrassment} were worth it!

Stupid Blogger

Dumb blogger! Won't let me upload pics today or yesterday and I actually finally got a page done for Ann(i)e's Challenge! Felt so good to create but I guess I have to wait until lame-o blogger gets their picture act together. Okay so I've called blogger three bad things that I wouldn't let my kids call anyone....sorry blogger....thanks for being free. Okay, how's that.

So since I can't post a pic today I will post a HMMMM list from Jess....some of them will make you actually scratch your head and some will make you giggle! Enjoy......

Stupid Questions.. Think about it

How much deeper would the sea be if were wasnt any sponges?:
Why doesnt Tarzan have a beard?:
When dog food is new and improved tasting how do they know?:
If ignorance is bliss, why arent more people happy?:
When companies ship Styrofoam, what do they pack it in?:
Should a crematorium give discounts for burn victims?:
If space is a vacuum, who changes the bags?:
How do you draw a blank?:
If rabbits feet are so lucky, then what happened to the rabbit?:
If nothing sticks to Teflon, then how do they make Teflon stick to the pan?:
Why do they put expiration dates on sour cream containers?:
When you choke a smurf, what colour does he turn?:
Why do they sterilize the needle for a lethal injection?:
Why is a carrot more orange than an orange?:
What if the hokey pokey really is what its all about?:
Do hummingbirds hum because theyve forgotten the words?:
Why do they call it a TV set when you only get one?:
Whos cruel idea was it to have an S in the word lisp?:
If money is the root of all evil, why do churches want it so badly?:
If swimming is such good excercise why are whales so fat?:
How comes night falls but day breaks?:
What if the lid of a milk catron said open somewhere else?:
Why are they called apartments if they're all stuck together?:
If vampires cant see their own reflections, how is their hair so neat?:
Why do tugboats push?:
Can you be a closet claustrophobic:
If police arrest a mime, do they say he has the right to remain silent?:
Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?:
Do people who are born again have two bellybuttons?:
If you try to fail, and succeed, what have you done?:
Are you getting sick of this quiz?:
Me too:
Final question: Five years from now, will they have a soviet reunion?:
Think about it..

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It Won't Be Boring!

Well everyone in this house is back to school....including me! And I have to say I am very excited about my students this year! It is definitely going to be one of the more challenging groups of kids I have had but they all seem so kind so I know we are going to make all kinds of progress.

One of the things that most excites me about the challenges is the amount of learning I am going to have to do this year. I have never had a group of kids in so many "categories" before. I have a student with diabetes....a severely hearing imparied student so they are putting an amplification system in my room and I get to wear a microphone (like I wasn't already loud enough...heehee).....3 students with some type of speech delay/ little guy whose whole family are involved with gangs.....another student with an undiagnosed circumstance, I'm thinking it may be Aspergers Syndrome, remember 'Rainman', well this child is like that, brilliant but uncapable of any kind of interpersonal contact.....anyway these kids are awesome!

So even the teacher is going back to school this year....and I'm totally thrilled!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hotel Rwanda

I just finished watching Hotel Rwanda . It's taken me 2 days to watch. Last night I watched the first hour....then had to mind was reeling and my heart was wrenched. There were many nightmares that followed during the long night.

This afternoon I feel sick....sick that something of this magnitude happened and I only knew bits and pieces of it. I don't care if the UN or foreign governments chose not to call it they couldn't I have no idea. 800,000 men, women and children slaughtered with clubs and machetes over a 100 day period....that's 8,000 souls lost each day. And why? Because their identity card labeled them as word....a word that meant indescriminate death.

If you're not familiar with the Rwandan Genocide here's a timeline of the inaction of the UN and every other country of the world. It's a total outrage.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back on the Field!

Well both of my kiddos hit the soccer field this morning....and it was also my coaching debut! To sum up today in a word - chaos!

Kade's game got rescheduled for 12:45 and Keira was to play at 12:30.....but Keira's game is only supposed to last about 45 minutes so we figured she and I would make it for the last quarter or so of Kade's game.

Keira and I got to the field at noon and all of the other Shooting Star Ponies began to arrive. By 12:25 there was no other team there yet for us to play. So here's what I learned today....if the schedule says your game is at 12:30....that really means your game is at 1:00 or any time between 12:30 and 1:00....just whenever people show up. WHAT!!??!! The scheduled game time is not the scheduled game time apparently. I'll have to call about that this week. After our girls had already been there warming up for a half hour, they were pretty much done. Well, Keira was really done. Her terror-ific attitude really made it hard for me to coach the other 7 girls. We ended up losing, 3 to 1, but the parents didn't seem upset and I think most of the girls had a good time. My head was spinning though! I did get in trouble for going onto the field during the of the little girls decided to sit in the middle of the field and suck her thumb....I was afraid she was going to get run over and she wouldn't get up so I went out to pick her a visit from the Division Director telling me to stay off the field. Oh well!

As our game ended I jumped in the car and headed to another park for Kade's game...and I pulled up just as the ref blew the whistle signaling the end of the game! I hear that Kade had a great game....they won 5 to 1. I took him to get an ice cream, just the 2 of us, so he could tell me all about it.

Okay - only nine games to go!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Irony, Kharma, Turn-about....

whatever you call it....I have seen it in spades this week at work.

I've been debating since Friday whether or not to write about this. And now I have decided I need order to get my thoughts on the situation clear because I know at work tomorrow there will be all kinds of drama and chaos surrounding this issue. Now, names will be changed to protect the innocent {even though I don't really think there are any innocent!}

During the last 4 years my job assignment has been complicated. Basically the position I had required twice the work as most others. This assignment was supposed to be rotated between a few of us teachers each year but for one reason or another it never happened and I was the fortunate one to carry it for the last 4 years. But not this year! Yeah!! It finally rotated to another teacher we will call Homer.

Now 2 years ago Homer was in a position to be able to help me out a bit....but he didn't want to help...instead he went to our principal, Mr. Smithers, and complained, moaned, groaned and said it was a violation of some Ed Code to help Homer got what he wanted and we got no help. Not what I would have wished for from a colleague but it's what I got so I had to make the best of the situation. Not once did I consider not doing the extra work.....because the kids would be the ones to suffer and none of this was their responsibility. I was hired to do a job and I am not the kind of person who is going to do it half-ass. That's just not who I am.

So this year I have a new principal, Ms. Krebapple. Homer has told Ms. Krebapple in no uncertain terms he will not fulfill the duties assigned to him. Ms. Krebapple reminded him of the Ed Code that he had spouted 2 years ago and said he would have to do it alone. Well Homer came to my room, looking for support or validation of some sort I guess. I really had to fight back the urge to scream about my vindication, etc. Instead I told him that I would try to be as sympathetic as possible, which was not much since I knew the job could be done...and yes it will take more time and energy....I've done it for 4 years for crying out loud! I also told him that if he continued on the course of action he was pursuing, the kids were going to be the ones to suffer and that would not be fair.

So now it's time to prepare for tomorrow. I don't want to be in the middle of this but unfortunately I'm being pulled in for many different reasons. This is a really stinky way to start out the school year!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Knocking Out Another Challenge

With all the rushing to get ready for school to start I haven't got to scrap! So since Greg is playing poker at a friend's house tonight I thought I get another of Ann(i)e's Challenges done. This one was to use circles.

The layout is a bit of K sleeping at 3 and then awake a few hours later at 4. The gorgeous Rhonna papers are from the Simply Splendid kitt at ScrapAddict.

Lots to catch up on...but tonight what I need to catch up on most is sleep

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Don't Mess With Me

So most of you that know me know that I do not love Chuck E. Cheese...too many germs....but because my children love it I relent. We joined some friends there this afternoon for what we hoped would be a fun time for the kids....but how quickly things can turn.

I glance up and there are 3 pre-teenish girls in the face of a sweet 9 year old boy. I call his name, the girls look at me and then walk away. I guess these girls had stuck their big ol hand in front of the camera when the boy's sister was taking a picture. He told them to stop so they follow him and proceed to intimidate him using these words, "You don't want to mess with us. We're bigger than you and we'll kill you." the boy's mom and I went to find the girls...we do...start asking them what happened....they deny everything and I don't just mean deny, I mean disrespectfully deny ever even being by our table. Huh?? You looked right at me. But then their daddy shows up and decides getting in the face of a woman could be fun....he was very scary...I can definitely see where his daughters would have learned their intimidation skills.

The manager finally shows up....says he'll take care of it....pretty sure that these people were his family since he actually did nothing and they followed him around to the ice cream machine, getting tokens, etc. Before we left (which happened too early for my kids liking) I asked him if they were family, how did he take care of the situation, told him it looked funny that he now had these girls following him around the place, told him the girls continued to walk by our table giving us their go to hell looks....which by the way the girls told him that we were doing to them....yep...that's me....a 36 year old mom throwing down mad dogs to 12 year old girls!

So this whole situation opens up good conversation in the car on the way home. We talk about needing to be aware of our surroundings, that anyone can be a bully, when mommy says it's time to go there is a reason - not just spoiling your fun. Then it gets sticky. I tell them that when we pray together tonight we need to remember these girls and their dad....pray that something/someone will do something to touch their heart. "Why would I want to pray for them!?" is Kade's immediate response. "Well because that's what Jesus would do." What a lame answer! It's true, yes, but there's not a lot of meat there.

Then it gets me thinking about our discussions regarding hospitality during Soliton. One presenter said, "If someone asks if you're a Christian, tell them to ask your enemies." So today, these people were sort of my enemies...that's a bit strong of a word but you know what I mean. What did they think about me? How could I have extended hospitality? So I'm led to the writings of Luke:

Love for Enemies
27"But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. 29If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. 30Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. 31Do to others as you would have them do to you.
32"If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' love those who love them. 33And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' do that. 34And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' lend to 'sinners,' expecting to be repaid in full. 35But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. 36Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

So for the rest of the day I am could I have blessed these people? Do I really love them? How will be pray for them? Is there anything that we did do today that would have shown them a glimpse of the One we strive to follow? These will be the topic of conversation around our dinner table tonight!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

She's No Bunny

but the girl's got hops! Or is it she's looking for a way to stay entertained at her brother's baseball practice? I'd say it's a little bit of both!

I finally got Challenge #2 done for Ann(i)e's Blog Challenge. It was to use angled papers. So I found these silly pics of Keira and decided to go for it using the absolutely fabulous Geisha Girl kit from

So not much else going on today....fairly lighthearted wouldn't you say? Guess you never know what you'll find on this journey with's either heavy or light....maybe I'll try some in between sometime....heehee

Monday, August 14, 2006

Busy Day at Our House

Well, Keira started her first day of Pre-K today!! She loved her day. She already knew the teacher and has 2 of her little girlfriends in the class. Such fun! Of course the new school outfit had to have pink in it! I'm wishing I could find a pair of pants like hers in my size!

She came home with a painting and 2 drawings. And when Kade asked how the day was she gave a little hop and said "good" and then was on her way to something else!

There is a movie being filmed in town right now. My friend J'Daire let us know they were looking for extras around Kade's age so he decided he would like to go.He got to be a kid playing basketball and in another scene playing 4 Square. A few of his friends were there and they had a good time. Of course they didn't get the "hurry up and wait" thing that was going on....but sometimes I don't either!

Now of course Keira was with us but she was too small/young to be in the shots. But as soon as I turn my back on her she's off, and has one of the production assistants wrapped around her finger. She went up and told him "I'm too small to play basketball." So what do you think they did? Well create a part for her of course! Good grief!

She is now the "hopscotch girl" in one of the playground scenes. Then it was off to wardrobe (aka Mom's car) to change into another outfit for the lunch scene. The director of the movie came out and talked to her and then asked if we could have her back at 7:45 in the morning. There's a big chance that call will be cancelled, which would be great because I would like to sleep in, but they have her number so we'll see.

So now we're home, eating sloppy joes, recapping the day.....who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Do you know what the word Soliton means? I didn't until May. The definition is quite mathematical and complex but one of the related articles is called Freak Waves. Now that I like. Basically think of dropping a pebble into calm water...ripples are created....if other pebbles are also dropped in the water their ripples will intersect and cross over one another. That's soliton. Basically it's a disturbance.

Enter the Soliton Sessions held this weekend here hosted by the Bridge. The conversations centered around hospitality and welcome and how we can be that in a world where so many choose isolationism.

I had the opportunity to listen to practioners from the UK, Northern Ireland, Philly, Texas, Minnesota....all over really. What's cool is these are now friends....our solitons intersecting across valleys, fields, oceans.....

The beauty of a gathering like this, to me, lies in the diversity of the people you come in contact with. And the way these people will love one another, taking the other in for who they are, who God created them to be. Letting go of things we can't fact one of my favorite quotes came from a friend from Ireland in a prayer...."live in freedom in the place of no control".....the times that I have done this have been some of the most fulfilling times of my life. It's when I try to step in and become my own Master and Commander that I fall flat on my face in desperation.

I will share more experiences from this weekend later...right now there are kids to bathe and get tucked in....but I will leave you with just one for now....

One of those guiding the conversation this week is for peace (we all are really though aren't we?) and from what I gather an opponent of the war and the role the US is playing in the Middle East....there is another member of our community here who is in the Navy and will be deployed this's the beautiful thing....the peace activist praying over the Navy man.....the paths they've chosen are different but those paths have intersected and the ripples of those 2 men will be felt by many. So my question is....why not just embrace the one with which you have differences....doesn't really matter the differences does it? I need to do it....I'm not good with certain people in my life....I feel the differences are too huge but they're really not are they. If I really look into the face of the other I should be seeing the face of Jesus in them. Am I looking hard enough? Are you?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

9 Squares

So yesterday's blog entry was pretty deep....thanks to all of you who commented....I'm much better today....I think I was in pity party mode yesterday. So let's lighten things up a bit today shall we?

I was invited by Ann Hafermann to take part in a scrapping challenge she is running based on Ali Edwards' book. The first challenge was to close your eyes and choose 6 scraps from your stash and then create. This is what I came up with.

The rings were what Greg and I did for our anniversary. We decided to both go and shop for new bands. We had a really good time and both ended up with the very first ones we had tried on....of course we tried on many others in between...but both came back to the firsts. First instinct....there's something to be said about that.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Plans

I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

Today I am struggling...well more of a wrestling I guess....about the plans God has for call....I'm seeing a pattern....and I'm not totally comfortable with it....a pattern of me being somewhere that I wouldn't normally be....and then at that place something happens.....and it's clear to me that is why I am there....but it's not to share news of joy or glad's to share pain, fear, anguish......I'm feeling like my call is being the Bearer of Bad News....

In the last year I can think of 4 instances that are huge....

First and foremost - Tim's accident. A few of you know that story.....God's hand in placing me there was and is evident....but it still.....there aren't even words for what it is so I am not even going to try right now.

Second - the young man trying to commit suicide at Christmas time....I blogged about that

Third - the young girl in the International Market Place....blogged about that too

And now - being somewhere to do something celebratory with my husband....seeing an old friend doing something he should never be doing in the first place.....feeling the burden of knowing I have to share this news with my dear friend and then actually having to tell her. It totally sucks...knowing you have to tell a friend something that is going to hurt her....I hate it!

None of these things are happy....."um yes, your daughter has been assaulted at the market"...."someone is trying to jump off the freeway"......

So yesterday at church I was sharing some of this with another close friend who I trust implicitly and she is always straight up honest with me.....she said, "You know you're doing what you are supposed to do. You are feeling the prompting and acting on it." I know that....but I don't want to be "Oh look, hear comes Julie, wonder what crappy awful thing has happened now."

I was led to this verse this morning

I advise you to obey only the Holy Spirit's instructions. He will tell you where to go and what to do, and then you won't always be doing the wrong things your evil nature wants you to. For we naturally love to do evil things that are just the opposite from the things that the Holy Spirit tells us to do; and the good things we want to do when the Spirit has his way with us are just the opposite of our natural desires. These two forces within us are constantly fighting each other to win control over us, and our wishes are never free from their pressures. Galatians 5:16-17

So today the forces are fighting inside of me.....guess I'm feeling sorry for myself that I didn't inherit the gift of hospitality or even speaking in tongues!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

So....the intense attitude Kade has for baseball has got the eye of a coach....we got a call....the gentleman who called us has coached many fact he is taking one to Cooperstown next week for a 10 day tournament....this is a group of boys he started coaching when they were right around Kade's age....he has had them together for the last 5 or so years with the goal of getting them to Cooperstown....and they are there!

Now he wants to start another team with his younger son who is Kade's age and called and invited Kade to be a part of the team!

Kade is excited to say the least...of course he is playing it down like it's not a big deal....maybe mommy and daddy are a little more excited.....and I am doggone proud of my boy! We'll be playing in Ocean View for awhile (not sure where that is but any place with Ocean in the title can't be bad!)

So there is a chance that his soccer season may be cut short or not even exist. We need to wait on specifics and see if he will be able to do both and if he wants to still play soccer. He's been a little stressed about soccer this year....has to move up to the under 10's and he just turned 8 so he'll be the youngest and littlest....but he's got a great coach so I am hoping that he'll be able to do both....but we'll let him decide.

Was I just saying not too long ago that I was glad baseball season was over for the time being? That didn't last very long! But that's okay - this is going to be a great adventure for Kade!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Happy Anniversary

11 years and we are stronger than ever!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Rainy Days

So funny to wake up to rain in the summer....just a light shower but enough to make puddles in the backyard that the kids were quick to notice. Of course Keira felt right away she needed to put on a rain's all about the accessories with her!

Yesterday I went and tried out for a new game show that NBC is producing. Happened kind of on a whim....they were looking for soccer moms....I got an email from AYSO....responded then never thought a thing about it.....but they called Wednesday night to see if I could come down to the studio. So we'll see if they call back or not. It was fun just being on the lot is the same lot they shot Gone With The Wind on and also where they filmed I Love Lucy. Sometimes when I am in an atmosphere like that I miss working in television....but then I just have to look at the pictures of my kids and I remember why I got out of the industry in the first place.....time....if I was still working in TV I would not have the time that I need to be a mom or a wife. But that is a part of my life I loved and sometimes I miss.

Well, I'm off to sit on the porch with my coffee and enjoy the summer rain!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The View

This is the view from our lanai in Turtle Bay....this was the sunset on our last night there....I can still smell the ocean breeze and hear the small waves breaking against the rocks.

Monday, July 31, 2006

4 years and 1 week

4 years and 1 week ago my precious baby girl was born! She didn't get her blog tribute last week though - a return from vacation and threatened pediculosis outbreak thwarted that plan = but that's a story for another day. Today it's about my girl!

We prayed for Keira for so long. After Kade there were losses, fertility, disappointments and then in October of 2001 we found out we were pregnant. I had a hard time getting excited. Didn't want to get my hopes up too high and have them dashed again. Christmas morning 2001 - it seemed we wouldn't be having the gift of this baby after all. I remember sitting in shower floor crying, asking God why I was going to have to lose another baby.....wasn't 2 enough? Why this one too? What was I doing that was so wrong? Didn't Kade deserve a sibling? I was mad and I was letting it out. Poor Greg....he'd been through this before....seen the following depression....watched me withdraw into myself....but this day was Christmas and he wasn't going to let Kade miss off they went to a friends house.....and a few minutes later my dear friend showed up at my door. We sat on the couch together and cried. All she said was "I'm sorry" and that was enough.

But Keira was a fighter....even then at a mere 8 weeks in utero....the next morning Kade and I took off to the Dr.'s office first thing in the morning....I guess that was one of the good things about being a "high-risk" patient....I could go in whenever I needed to. None of the Drs. were there....just the Nurse Practitioner....she said she would try to pick up the heartbeat with the Doppler but not too panic if we didn't hear it because it was really too early to hear it anyway....but as soon as that instrument hit my tummy there she was...a loud, strong heartbeat. Again I cried....this time out of relief, thankfulness, disbelief.....8 weeks of bedrest followed.

All was looking was March....I had an early August due date....and then on March 15th, a Friday morning, my Gram of the people that I was closest to in the world was gone.....I felt like falling apart but because of the little life inside of me I couldn't let that happen.....over the weekend we busied ourselves with arrangements, phone calls, sitting with my Poppa.....that Sunday night we went to church....then went to dinner with the same friends that were with us on Christmas....then at about 11pm that night I started bleeding way....this could not happen now....there was no way another loss could be suffered......not now....

Greg took me to the ER....poor Kade was in his jammies sound asleep....I didn't want Greg calling anyone....this was something we were going to have to deal with on our own and we would tell everyone else after we had laid my Gram to rest the following Wednesday.....but of course that is not how my family operates and Greg has learned that very well.....I awoke the next morning to find my dad sitting at my mom, my uncle, my Poppa and about 10 other friends were all there within the half hour.....looking back I realize that taking care of me was actually a blessing for many of them.....made them feel useful in this time of grief we were all going through......

Once again Keira proved to be a fighter and all was well......the morning of my Gram's visitation I had an ultrasound appointment.....that was the day we found out Keira was going to be a was all as it should be.....the world lost an amazing woman but I knew in her place was coming goes on.....

We got to the private family visitation and they all knew where we had been....they all knew we knew something....but none of them wanted to know what we knew.....they figured it would be another boy because it seems that is all my family is capable of producing! I was the first girl in 4 generations so hopes for a little girl were high but they also felt it was very unlikely.

Finally the morning of the funeral my cousin Kim couldn't stand it anymore....she pulled me into one of the rooms in the church and had me spill it....we both just cried. Then of course my mom needed to know....and my other Grandma......but that was it. A nice little secret we each held onto.

At the beginning of June my Dr. decided that we probably should schedule a c-section.....Kade has been 9 lbs. 8 oz. and 22 inches long and Keira was measuring bigger at every stage. He didn't think I would be able to deliver her naturally. So we scheduled to deliver her 3 weeks early on July 24.

That morning is still kind of a blur....I remember going in....kind of freaking out because we didn't have a name picked out yet....only the middle name - Riden - which was my Gram's middle name.....then the surgery.....hearing the Dr. say it's a girl but then not hearing her cry....seconds seemed like hours before I heard her.....once again God blessed us with a little girl who was a fighter.....the cord had been so tightly wrapped around her that if she had not been a c-section baby she would have died during child birth......she had to have some lung aspiration and some oxygen but our 7 lb. 14 oz., 21 inch long baby girl was here!

So Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Everytime I face a challenging day with you I need to remind myself how long and hard so many of us prayed for you. And thank God for the spunky personality He blessed you with!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I am a Soccer Coach!

Woohoo!! It's official....just held the first team meeting....I am Keira's U6 Girls Coach. I actually was very nervous going to this meeting. I know there were at least 2 other parents that had signed up that they wanted to coach.....don't know why I got picked instead of I guess I felt like they would be sizing me up...looking for flaws....wish I could get past that insecurity level. For crying out loud I am 36 years old! I should be secure by now!

Anyways....the girls are totally cute....deciding if we are going to be The Pretty Ponies or The Shooting Stars or The Blue Dolphins. Should be an interesting season!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

All gave Some - This One Gave All

A soldier that I have never met.....yet my heart breaks at the news of his passing. He is the nephew of a friend, a son, a brother, a grandson, a friend.....serving his country....protecting those he has never met....craving peace.....peace that he now has but all of those who loved and cared for him will always seek.

Dennis was killed in action by enemy fire on July 24.....Keira's every year when we celebrate her birth I will also offer up prayers for Dennis and his family.....celebration of life and death.....tied together always.

Regardless of how you feel about the war, you have to feel gratitude and compassion for these young men and women in the armed forces....and for their families. Maybe the reality of this war does not hit you every didn't me.....until now.....we often would pray for those overseas.....but I had not experienced a personal loss in direct relation to what is happening in Iraq.....until now......and even though Dennis and I had never feels personal.

So pray....pray for Dennis' family and the hell they are going through....pray for their healing....pray for peace.....pray for all the other heroes that are still on the front lines day in and day out.....just pray.

By the way - this layout was created by Laura as a tribute to Dennis and his brother Dana who is also serving.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Few Days in Paradise!

Another 2fer - very bad connection where we are here's the re-cap

Thursday - woke up this morning......took the kids to breakfast....told G we needed to go to the International MarketPlace one last time. "Why?" he asked. "I don't know." "What are you looking for?" he asks. "I don't know."

But after being there for only about 10 minutes I knew exactly why. We came across a young girl, crying, being restrained by a shopkeeper. He had a very tight grasp on her arms and would not let go. He kept yelling at her "Why your friend not pay?!?" She kept saying "I don't know what you are talking about, please let me go." But he wouldn't. Greg went over and tried to get the guy to let go of her to no avail. Then another young girl came running up screaming "Let my friend go!" I got security and finally the guy let the girl go. I sat with them and Greg talked with the owner and the security. The owner thought the girl's friend stole something so he 'captured' her friend to try and get her to return. I got the girl's mom on the phone - they were there from Seattle for a soccer tournament - Greg filled out a report......I don't know whether or not the girl stole the $1.00 magnet or not....I hope not....she stared me right in the eyes and said she didn't. But the other girl...she was totally traumatized.....she said she thought the guy was going to take her somewhere and do something terrible to her.

So that's why we were there. The girl's mother was very thankful. I told her that I hoped if my daughter ever found herself in a situation like this that someone would help her....and I told the girl's that they needed to try and enjoy what was left of their trip....and also to be aware of how they can find opportunities to help someone in need.

After that we headed back to the hotel (no, I didn't buy anything at the marketplace) and packed up. Loaded into the car and headed off through the pineapple and sugar cane fields to the North Shore and Turtle Bay.

We got checked in and OMG!! We are staying in a beach front cottage....opens onto a lovely veranda. We have a hammock, some chaise lounges with fabulous cushions (that's where I am right now!), the pools have natural rock and waterfalls, there are tons of turtles swimming in the beach right off our veranda.....and we have our own concierge named Brian. He takes care of everything. Keeps the ice bucket full, brings fresh fruit to the kids every morning, makes all the necessary reservations, etc. He is a Hoo'ki'pa, which translates into butler - never had one of those before. Seriously I don't want to leave this place. I told Greg we need a few more days here so we shall see!

Last night we drove into Halei'wa and ate at Cholo's Mexican food! I needed me some salsa! Lovin' the fresh fish and fruit but I really needed something spicy! Then it was back to the cottage and more swimming for the kids.

Today - Greg and Jeff had a 6:45 tee time on the Arnold Palmer course. That's basically what brought us to Turtle Bay - thank goodness! The kids and I slept in and then Kade and I decided to walk over to the course and get some pics of Greg golfing. We walked, and walked, and walked, and got lost, and walked, and asked for directions, and walked.....for an hour and a half and we finally found them. They were at the 13th hole by then so we rode along on the cart....unless someone was coming and then we had to walk some more. We totaled up the mileage and it was 7 miles! Kade was such a trooper....never was great to have that time with him just to talk....we were freakin' tired by the end though and starving since we hadn't had breakfast.

When we got back I took him to the cabana at the pool and we had cheeseburgers and then swam. That felt good! Then we headed off to the keiki bay so he could do some snorkeling....but he was more excited about skipping rocks!

Right now we are off to a luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center and then a show. Keira is looking forward to the hula dancers and Kade can't wait to see the fire dancers.

Until later - aloha!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

2 Days for the Price of 1

So much going on yesterday! No chance to write so here's the recap

Monday - Got up and drove quite a ways to the island famous Liliha bakery.....their delicacy is the Cocoa Puff....kind of a reverse cream puff....breakfast was sugary sweet! Then everyone decided to hike Diamond Head Crater.....I knew Keira would not make it to the top of the volcano so she, my niece Brooke and I headed off on the Waikiki trolley to Hilo Hattie's, home of island wares....we spent a few hours and a nice chunk of change on fun island trinkets. Then back to the pool and swimming.

Greg, Jeff, Brooke, Greg's dad and I decided to swim wayyyyy out in the Pacific and found ourselves in the middle of huge sea turtles. What amazing creatures! They would just keep popping up all around us. It was incredible.

That night Jeff, Melanie, Greg and I hit the town without kids.....dinner at the Chart House, drinks at Da Big Kahuna, more drinks poolside at Duke's Ocean Club.....a great end to a busy day!

Today - got up wayyyyyy to early to try and get to Pearl Harbor. The kids needed to eat first so by the time we got to PH it was 7:45. The line was hour and a half to get your ticket then another 2 and 1/2 hour wait to get on the boat. So instead of going out to the memorial we did the audio tour of the museum. There was a PH survivor there so Keira took her pic with him. That was cool. I think Greg and his brother will head back out there tomorrow morning to they can go out to the USS Arizona.

Then we headed out to Aloha Stadium to the swap meet. An interesting jaunt. And of course....back to the pool! This afternoon we headed out on a catamaran with some island natives....quite the relaxing...not for Greg though....sea sickness got the better of him at the beginning of the trip. Kade and Keira were both lulled to sleep - it was beautiful!

Off to eat some seafood!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Humidity versus Hair

I had forgotten how my hair and humidity are not friends! There is the crazy frizz....and the fact that it takes twice as long to blow dry....and yes...I have fixed my hair twice since we've been here....for nights on the town!

Speaking of nights on the town....tonight we went to Planet Hollywood Waikiki....major yuck! My fil had a huge problem with their pink lemondade that was not mexican chicken had sweet bbq sauce on bil's sandwich came with 5 whole french fries on the side....Greg's lasagna looked like....well it was round and looked like it had been plucked off a rock from the sea....basically I was totally disappointed and felt bad because it was my idea to eat there!!

Other highlights of the day.....went to Blowhole (love that name) and searched some tide pools...found a teeny hermit crab....Keira was the only one that would touch it....the 4 older ones just looked on as she let it climb up her arm....Kade was a major snorkeler......Keira and I walked down the beach to the Royal Hawaiian and watched some hula.....

Back to the hair though, the good thing is I can also just embrace the frizz! The chances of running into someone I know are pretty slim....there are the pictures....but I am the gatekeeper of you may never know just how bad my hair looks!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Just Another Day in Paradise

Today - started by sitting out on the lanai watching an outrigger canoe race.......ended sitting out on the lanai gazing at the stars and eating hula pie.

There was great stuff in between though......a trip to the Waikiki Aquarium.....swimming....dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise....and of course some shopping!!


Friday, July 14, 2006

If You Need Me

If you need to find me I'll be here..............................

It's time for some much needed rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

See you all at the end of July!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

These Boys Rock!!

Check out this Little League All Star Team! They took third place in their tournament this weekend. Everyone of them played their hearts out.....Kade had a triple in the last game of the tourney to tie it up. We are so proud of all of them!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

My New Word of the Day

overwhelmedness - I'm going to stay it's a noun verb combo.....I know this his horrible coming from a teacher - making up my own words - but it's also creative expression, which a friend reminded me is a good thing.

So what's the definition - well, it's a suffocating state of being....a place where everything is out of control but you feel like if you could stand on your tip toes you could reach everything and grasp it and pull it back into control. But no matter how tall your high heels, no matter how big the chair you stand on everything remains just out of reach.

So I've disappeared......let everything spin......feel like I'm looking up at a whirlpool.....I'll swim out but I just need to sit back and watch for a little invisible.....embrace the uncertainty......

So here's some lyrics from DMC - formerly of Run DMC........ponder on these.....

"I have a lot of thoughts like who the hell am I, what is the truth and what is a lie.
But I think about my life and everything is okay,
I've got to pave a way brighter day....
Because it's really plain and simple when it came to me
There's a lot of people just like me."

So I know.... this is random....this is odd.....but today - this is me.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Five Things I Like About Me!

This month Annette from ScrapAddict is running a blog/layout challenge. The first task is to make a list of five things I like about myself.....

1. My faith - I really do truly believe that God has a bigger plan than anything I can imagine. I have lived through some really difficult, life-changing events....without my faith I see no way I would have made it through.

2. My creativity - I really like the fact that I can be creative. It's such a joy to sit down and make something from nothing.

3. My humor - I think I am funny. Greg thinks it's funny that I think I am funny. My sense of humor is not the same as many others....but I get a kick out of myself.

4. My top teeth - Years of braces did the trick!

5. My eyes - Not so much as how they look as what they see. I see beauty all around.....

Now - time to work on the layout!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Focus on Sibling Love not Rivalry

The last few days of this week were fairly brutal when it came to brother-sister relationships in this house. Kade and Keira were fighting about anything possible - who was taking up more space on the couch, who was going to shower first, who would be in front while we were bike riding. I'm sure most of it is normal stuff but I can't stand it! I want these 2 to grow up tight....knowing they can always count on one another. I start to fret....but then I find these pictures.....

Pictures of the 2 of them content in being a brother and a that remind me they really do love each other.....then a few things happen....

Kade gets stung by a bee at baseball practice and Keira is soooo worried about him....he leans down and assures her that he will be fine......Keira can't find the stuffed animal she wants to sleep with so Kade helps her search it out......

These are the moments that I need to remember and focus on more! The moments of Sibling Love.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Perplexing Tweets

One of the things I enjoy about the breaking of dawn are the cheerful tweets of the birds in the trees. I don't expect to hear the chirps and twitters between 9pm and 3am - that's hoot time!

But somehow, we have a very confused bird living somewhere in our backyard. For the last week once it hits about 9pm, he starts singing. It goes on for hours! I was scrapping until 1am last night with the window open and this bird was in full opera mode!

I can't figure out exactly where he is. I really want a picture of this mixed up fellow. There is something about him....he sings when he wants to......right time or not......I'm sure there is some lesson for me in his song.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ode to Technology

Technology can be great - there are some things about it I love - my PC, TiVo, Caller Id....and then there are ways that technology can go strangely in the invention of The Fart Machine.
This lovely piece of electronic adventure was given to my son by my husband........Of course this little gadget always seems to appear on play-date days and the boys like to see just how many times they can sneak it into the office behind me and have it bellow in all it's splendor via the remote control in their possession. They end up on the floor rolling around holding their sides in laughter the first time, the second time, the third time, the fourth get the picture So what's a mom to do??? Well first I will publicly apologize on my blog to the mother of the other boys for the atrocious habits they are picking up from my son {Sorry K!} and second, turn my back to the door so they can sneak the machine in again - because as horrible as those fart sounds are the pure, unadulterated, joyous laughter coming from these boys is music to my ears.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Bizarre Skies

The temp has dropped about 10 degrees since I got up this morning and the skies have gone from our beautiful So Cal blue to slightly eerie. According to the weather man there is a monsoon off our coast....quite far away I'm sure.....but it's affecting our weather. Super breezy, cloudy, fact the kids wanted Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch!

Even weirder is how the colors are different from the front of the house and the back. Behind the house things are brighter and a little orange the front their a little more grey. Wonder if rain is on the way?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

2 Cool Dads!

Happy Father's Day to any dads who happen to be reading this. Today I celebrate my two favorite dads - my own and the father of my children!! These two are sooooo alike - they like many of the same things, are hard-working, cherish their wives and kids.....I am truly blessed to have a dad like mine and then to see what an amazing dad Greg is to our kids!

Friday, June 16, 2006

How I Spent My Thursday Night or Ice Can Cause Head Gashes

Last night started out soo fun! It was time for Kade's end of the season baseball party. We were having a great BBQ and the kids were having fun and then we heard it........."Kade's hurt!" Well that could mean any number of things so I waited for a few seconds before getting up to walk towards him. He was holding his hands over his he lifted his head....blood - dripping, gushing and really red! Then all the kids freaked, Greg and I were trying to calm Kade down and figure out where the blood was coming from and why. Well it turns out the boys were having an ice chunck fight and Kade got pegged right above his left eyebrow. Ugh!!

It would not stop bleeding so we scooped him up and headed for the emergency room. He was covered in blood, I was covered in blood......when we got to the hospital they were great! They fast-tracked Kade which meant he didn't have to wait in the lobby or anything...they took up right to a room and got him into a bed....he had 2 nurses all to fact many member of the hospital staff stopped into his room to see exactly what a chunk of ice can do to a little guys head. The gash was only about 2 inches long but pretty deep. The dr. came in and put on some topical lidocaine to get him ready for sutures. I knew Kade was feeling better when he asked Greg to go back to the party and get his trophy. Anyway, 2 hours and 3 stitches later we were home! And now Kade is totally excited to show his new battle wound off to his friends!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

They Are The Champions!!

There they are! Saticoy Little League Minor B Champions - the GIANTS!

They WON!! In fact, they went undeafeated in the playoff tournament. Everyone was gunning for them but these boys pulled together and played some serious ball! We spent a lot of time at the Little League field, I mean a lot! And I grumbled about it at times...but the looks on these boys faces today made it all worthwhile. And now I'm wondering what I'm going to do with myself every night between 4:30 and 7:00 and all day on Saturday!!

Kade had a really great playoff series - his bat came alive and he had 5 RBI's - which I am told is very good. He even made a double play in one game last week. But for some reason the field umpire let one of the kids stay on base. The umpire was wrong - but he stood by his call - much to the dislike of the coaches, fans and players alike! So we just let Kade say he earned the double play!

It's been so much fun to seem him mature and blossom into a tough little ball player this season. He's already looking towards next season and the crack of the bat!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pentecost Sunday

It's Pentecost Sunday today. Growing up I never really thought much about Pentecost...Easter was more the focus....not the days leading up to it or the days following it. A lot of things happened in those other days. One of them is symolized on Pentecost Sunday. It's the coming of Holy Spirit.....

I find significance of Pentecost in the idea of broken boundaries. Holy Spirit was a unifyer on that day......there was a coming together. I'm still pondering this so here's a link to a Wikipedia article you might find interesting.

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  • Saturday, June 03, 2006

    We {heart} Poptarts!

    Poptarts are big in my house.....Kade loves the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon - not toasted; Keira love the Strawberry or Blueberry - not toasted; I love the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Unfrosted and toasted; and Greg usually has to eat whatever is left over. We've tried all the new flavors, S'mores, Cookie Dough, SpongeBob Berry but for us it seems the original tried and true flavors are the best.

    I created this layout for a challenge from
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  • and used a great
  • ScrapAddict kit
  • . I think I'll go have a poptart now!

    Friday, June 02, 2006

    Everyone Can Be Obscure

    Annette posted her second blog challenge....3 things that no one would know just by looking at I will bare my soul and share some skeletons that I have hidden....go easy on me okay?!?....confession is good for the soul, right??

    1. I almost did not graduate from college. { Mom I hope you aren't reading's been 14 years and I still don't want you to know :) } In my last semester I had a pyschology of human culture or some other horrid class like that and it was at 7:30 am. Because I couldn't stand the class and the instructor was quite sanctimonious I did a lot of sleeping in and missing class. A few weeks before the end of the semester he asked me why I would even bother to show up on the days I did because he was going to fail me anyway. Holy Cow! It took mucho groveling and a lot of extra work but he ended up passing me with an A. Talk about lucky!

    2. When I get really mad I have a potty mouth.

    3. I was sexually harrassed by my boss at my first job out of college. It was mortifying. When I finally decided to go forward with a complaint the good ol' boys insulated him and he was totally protected and I was left with a freakin' hostile working environment. Needless to say there wasn't much whistle blower protection there and then so I was out of there!

    Do you still love me?

    Sunday, May 28, 2006

    Coming Home!

    Going away is great....but sometimes coming home is even better. I spent the last 4 days in an amazing cabin at Big Bear Lake with 21 girlfriends. What a time we had!!

    We slept in....ate well....shopped....went to the movies.....played Dance, Dance Revolution and just connected with each other on level that is always hard to do when you are involved in the 'hurry up and go' attitude our society seems to live in. I think the trip up the mountain, although exhausting, has refreshed spirits and we all will be better because of it.

    Then we get to come home and that was completely amazing.....we met up at a park...where all the daddies and children had gathered to spend the morning together. These guys rock!
    Can you imagine what people at the park were thinking when these 22 daddies and their lots of kids showed up...the daddies toting diaper bags, blankets, sand toys, ice chests....phenomenal! They all spent Friday evening, Saturday and now today together with all the kids. They totally bonded just like we did. Greg even remembered to put sunscreen on the kids and my house is totally clean!!

    Living in community is a huge thing to us right now....being deeply connected with our friends and living a life of total involvement with each's a good thing!

    Friday, May 26, 2006

    ScrapAddict Challenge #1

    I'm on vacation but I got the wifi to work so I decided to check SA and found Annette's new challenge....I needed to update so here we go.....

    favorite color: robin's egg blue
    word I most liked to be described as: having integrity
    best meal I cook: if you ask my kid's it's Mac & Cheese
    favorite dessert: Mud Pie
    favorite book: The Ragamuffin Gospel
    favorite outfit: a skirt, t-shirt and flip flops
    usually in bed by: 9:30
    favorite sounds: laughter
    I wish: an end would be put to human trafficking
    What I crave: living in peace
    Surround me with: things that smell good

    Sunday, May 21, 2006

    It's Sunday.....

    we woke up to rain today....weird because yesterday was gorgeous! in the high 70's......but the rain is garden needs's always just a nice cleansing.

    We still have no decision regarding my friend's son and the death penalty....11 days.....still waiting to hear after 11 days.....waiting sucks.....when you have a concrete decision it's so much easier.....the not knowing.....I hate that.

    Greg's softball team lost the championship last night!
    After about 7 years at the top of the league they did not get to bring home the first place t-shirts. It's kind of cool because this team is considered "the old guys"....they're only in their 30's and 40's but they always whopped up on the 20 year olds. So when a team actually beats them it is huge bragging rights. This season they added 4 young-uns to the roster....19, 20, 21 and 25 year old guys.....but that didn't do the trick. Summer season starts soon so I'm sure these guys will come out swinging. They're okay with letting another team have some bragging rights....but not for very long!

    Then there's Kade's team....they also enter the playoff tournament as the team to beat. They are very, very good. They lead the league in runs scored and have the lowest total in runs allowed. It's been a tough season for my little guy though.....being the youngest and smallest has it's disadvantages. We keep telling him though, if they didn't think you were good enough to play up they wouldn't have drafted you. His batting average is about .500 which is great....but he still dwells on the strike-outs. They have this upcoming week off and I think that will be good for him. He and Greg can hit the batting cages and just play around for fun. I'm hoping that will help him out....bring some more joy back into the game for him.

    Have a great day - and live in peace!

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Momma Told Me There'd Be Days Like This

    There'll be days like this my momma said!! Wowzers! That's my theme song today.

    I have a dear friend who suffers from debilitating migraines.....the last two weeks have been very rough on her poor head so today Keira and I brought her son home after preschool with us to play. It was great! Kade was excited to find his little buddy here when he got home from school too!

    I have another dear friend suffering from a yet to be determined autoimmunological disease that is just crippling her body. Really bad day for her today so I got her 2 little girls and brought them over too.

    Then a neighbor and her 2 kids and their dog came over to have lunch with us all. It was chaos...but lovely chaos. Here's a little sample....

    The neighbor had to leave to pick up another friend's kiddo from school so she took her son and Kade with her.

    They weren't gone but about 2 minutes before I heard a slam and a scream. Rushed downstairs to find one of the oldest girls bringing in a hysterical Keira. I looked at her finger and totally was flattened in the middle and had absolutely no color....thinking about it now I feel so lame...I couldn't even decide what to do......finally grabbed an ice pack from the freezer.....called another neighbor to come over and sit with my kids....called my Dr. and told them I was on the way.

    Of course I met every red light and slow driver that were to be found.....but we got there....dear dh was waiting for us....I had called him at some point and so had my really nice neighbor.....

    After checking her out our Dr. decided it wasn't broken....just very badly smashed.....expect it too swell a lot.....expect it to turn black, blue and purple......expect it to hurt.

    My poor baby....we got in the car to come home and she said "Mommy you need to tell the kids that I can't play anymore. I need to lay in my bed and sleep with ice." And that's where she is...snuggled in her bed with ice on her finger, napping, while 7 other kiddos are playing downstairs.

    Enough drama for today! Bring on the weekend!!