Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Budding Artist

Tonight was Kade's art show. They've been working with a professional art teacher this year which I love! So glad that his school and his teacher value art! They got to pick their 2 favorite pieces to show....and we got to buy them! He calls the one in the picture Grassy Forest and when you come to visit me you'll find it hanging in the family room. His other piece was called Cloudy Moon Night and Greg is going to hang that one in his office!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Does it really start this early?!?!

I came home from a friend's house the other night to find the kids all snug in their beds - and Keira clutching her Princess Wishes diary. Sweet! So I asked her about it in the morning and her answer was "Oh, mommy, it's filled with all my privacy things."

EEK! Already?!?!? So of course, being the good mom I am, I read it when she was out playing. I love her version of 'privacy things'....it's a list of the words she knows how to spell and drawings of her family. Hope it is always that sweet!