Sunday, June 05, 2005

A New Week

June gloom has officially settled in over our coastal town.....I think that has something to do with my gloomy mood. Fog from the time we wake up until about 2pm and then it rolls back again at about 4pm.

I did get a scrapping boost this week....Basic Grey, a paper manufacturer, chose one of my layouts to put on their website. Kinda cool!

I'm looking forward to going to the Bridge tonight.....last week was our first time. The kids loved it, Greg and I loved it. This whole journey of searching I'm on is leading me places I never knew I would go......but I like the things I'm finding

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bad Day

I'm having a bad day. So I'm going to come here and mope about it a little bit.

Too many nightmares last night about Tim's accident. Is it only now that I'm going to start really processing through it? Thought I was in a good place with it, if that's possible.

My scrapping is not going where I'd like it to. Finally got up the nerve to submit some things to a magazine and design team but haven't heard about either of them. Didn't win any contests either. I mean, truly I scrap for my family, but it would be cool to get published.

Greg told me to go spend some $ and get my hair colored. It is colored...five different ones right now. He didn't mean to hurt my feelings but he knew I was already in the midst of a downward spiraling day.....I'm leaving it the way it is though because I like it!

Oh well, now that I've spilled, I guess I'll go have some more coffee.