Thursday, July 14, 2005

Off to the Wild Blue Yonder

Getting ready for vacation takes a really long time! We're off on a three week adventure starting tomorrow - Utah, Wyoming, Montana - visiting Yellowstone and as many places as we can in between.

I'm a little nervous, normal travel worries - will the kids deal with the car ride, will we be safe, will be garden continue to grow while I'm gone, how will I go for so long without scrapbooking??

And when it comes to scrapbooking I've been mulling over some things - I really want to get published! Yes, I scrap for my family but I have decided I want a little more just for my selfish self....I want to see something I've done in print! I think I do good work, I've submitted lots of things but nothing has been picked up. So here's the dillema - do I try and change my style to get published or just keep going and hope that someday something I do will catch an editor's eye? Guess I have time to think about that in the next three weeks!

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