Thursday, April 20, 2006

Joy and Sorrow

Today is my dear husbands birthday! Finally 36, finally the same age as me so no more "older woman" jokes. The kids loved giving him some new clothes and I got him a watch.....he of course asked for the receipt before he went to work just in case he decides to exchange it -- :)

Today is also a day that is filled with sorrow. It was a year ago today that our friend Tim was killed in a traffic accident. Greg and I were there with him, so there's joy in knowing that he is now in eternal joy, but even knowledge can't fill the gaping holes in your heart. Please pray today for Tim's wife and son....I can't even imagine their grief. As this day has been getting closer and closer I have been wondering what it would be like. I have a knot in my stomache, a huge lump in my throat and tears that are ready to roll. Truly the feelings are the same as they were the day it happened, although the shock has worn off. I know there are so many others feeling the same way today. Please just pray.


Wanda E. Santiago said...

Hey husbands are an interesting bunch, sorry for your loss life is like that!! Hugs Wanda

Bonni said...

Chris is always pulling the "older woman" crap, too...yeah by FIVE DAYS honey....MEN!
Sorry it was also a sad day, anniversaries are always the hardest! HUGS