Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Be Thankful

Oh there are so many things to be thankful for....the obvious....the not so obvious.....

Annette at SA issued the thankfulness blog challenge. And since I need to get blogging here goes....

1. God
2. Greg, Kade, Keira and my family
3. My friends that I consider a part of my family
4. The Bridge Community
5. People that stand up for injustice
6. The ability to physically feel joy and pain deep down inside
7. The smell on the streets after the first rain
8. Starbucks
9. The coccoon-like of my bed after a long day
10. The internet

Yes, some of these are deep...some shallow....but volumes could be written about each one. If you've read this - consider yourself tagged and get over to your blog and list!


Catherine said...

This is a great list!

Anonymous said...

I miss you! I'm glad that I can stay plugged in by reading your deep and shallow :-) thoughts.

See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Great list! By the way nothing can be shallow if it REALLY means something to you. Imagine the person you would be without some of these things. You wouldn't be Julie and that for sure is not shallow!

Anonymous said...

Great List Julie!!!
I especially like number 8!
Hope to see you sometime soon and actually spend some time together! We used to do that you know.......Easter, B-day's, softball, church Christmas programs......I miss seeing you!
Take Care!!!