Sunday, April 01, 2007

Something California is Doing Right

I love California...wouldn't want to live anywhere else (well there are a few places out of the country) but I heard something cool today.

Last weekend was Freedom Day in Costa Mesa. Over 1,000 people attended...learning more about helping end modern day slavery. Then, this week, there was a huge slavery ring bust in Orange County. Twenty massage parlors were shut down. Who's working in these massage parlors? Young girls and woman that have been trafficked to the US from China. Most of these girls were sold into this bondage by their families....if they were sent home to China chances are they would be sold again soon.

But the justice system in California does not force them to return home. They are offered Visas to stay in the US. So now these girls have a second chance. And their are organizations like JustOne out there looking for ways to help them. I am so happy to part of JustOne.


photolady said...

Honestly I didn't know that kind of stuff was still happening and so close to home. I grew up in Costa Mesa.

Monica Kornfeld said...

Oh man! I didn't realize it was a problem, either! Crazy!