Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Does it really start this early?!?!

I came home from a friend's house the other night to find the kids all snug in their beds - and Keira clutching her Princess Wishes diary. Sweet! So I asked her about it in the morning and her answer was "Oh, mommy, it's filled with all my privacy things."

EEK! Already?!?!? So of course, being the good mom I am, I read it when she was out playing. I love her version of 'privacy things''s a list of the words she knows how to spell and drawings of her family. Hope it is always that sweet!


Chrissie said...

ROFL!!! Too funny.

And I SO would have read that diary too (bad mummies, bad mummies!) LOL

Oh...and for the record...I HATE SPROUTS (Cackaaaaapooooo)

Catherine said...

That's very sweet!

Carolyn F said...

LOL -- you read it???

Anita said...

awwwwwwww that is very sweet but doesn't stay that way. Enjoy that adorable princess while she's a snuggle bear.