Saturday, November 03, 2007


So the kids had fun but I was quite the hag. I put on my witch hat and that was quite fitting. However, it got was good to with Marcia....see all the cute kids out in their my kids faces light up when they opened the overflowing candy bags!

Here is Kade and Trevor as beat up soccer players.....they've been planning this since soccer season started

And Keira and Jennaye as Daphne and a cheerleader


Simplyliz said...

FUN!!! Wow, that red wig on Keira changes the whole look of her!

Love your new banner, too.

Carolyn F said...

I love the Daphne costume!!

photolady said...

She looks great in red hair, and I'm sure you DIDN'T look good in a witch hat!! Hope things are going well!!!

Love ya!