Sunday, July 27, 2008

Aloha from Ka'anapali

Yep we're here!! Yesterday was excrutiating. Travel days are always a little wearing however when you are traveling as a party of 11.....and 3 of the 11 for some reason do not have confirmed seats on the plane.....and 4 of us (my family) end up having to pay for our luggage because our tickets weren't issued until June 23 even though the trip was booked in February.....and the airplane smells like cat urine....and not everyone in the party is booked on the same floor of the hotel....and the dinner restaurant does not have Hula Pie.....well, things get even a wee bit more complicated!

Today was up and went to a 'presentation breakfast with Auntie Aloha. She is hilarious but of course they push the time share thing....not happening. After that we hooked up with my mom and dad who just happened to be here on the same island for a wedding. They're staying at the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua so we went there and swam all late am/early pm and then had a great lunch of tempura mahi mahi.

Kade learned to body surf! Yeah!! I think he's finally overcoming his ocean phobia. Keira is practicing her swimming like a champ.

Tonight we are eating at a Chicago style pizzeria. Can't wait. I've been jonesing for deep dish since Kathy and I were in Chi-town last summer.

Of course I can't show you any pics because I forgot the drive to dump my camera card but I'll do a google search and see what I can find for you.

More later!


photolady said...

WOW.....Have a GREAT time in Hawaii. I love it there!!! I love how warm the water is and how clear it is to snorkel and see all the fish and turtles!!! Take Care, relax and ENJOY!!!

Anonymous said...

No hula pie! You should just come home...

Glad you're having fun. Are you missing baseball? haha