Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Today Sucked Eggs!!

Okay - I woke up completely pissy...I think I know why (nothing to do with hormones or dh...hehe). The day was pretty okay until 2:30! Then I had to sit in an hour and a half long staff meeting. Can I just say I work with the most indecisive people ever! I love them but there's beating a dead horse and then there's beating the horse, moving it around, checking to see if it still dead and then deciding to beat it again. Does that make any sense? If it does you are so on my level!!

Leave work to go pick up DD and lock my keys in my car! Have to call my neighbor who was kind enough to get my spare and drive all the way to the town where I work to bring them to me. Did I mention I have Triple A....yeah...would've been good to remember that!

On to my dear friends: Friend One's mom was having surgery for breast cancer today so I've been worried about her. Just got off the phone with her and it sounds like things went well and they are resting up. So I call Friend Two to let her know and she sounds all bad...well she was just t-boned by a 94 year old man and he totaled her car. Fortunately she didn't have any of her kiddos with her. Friend Three is locked down in her house while the police search for a guy that stole a car, wrecked in in her neigborhood and then got away.

So how was your day?


Anita Ford said...

I've had those days, too. Hang in there, girl!

Carolyn F said...

Yep, we have dead horse beating ceremonies regularly. Hope tomorrow is better!

Bonni said...

No wonder you woke up pissy girl...hope today is better for ya