Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I've Quirked My Son!

Yes! My poor son is going to turn out as quirky as I it because he's the first born and I just coddled him too much or (spoken with horror) is it because he's like me?!?!?!

He's no Monk but here are some examples :

- He agreed with me that color coding his Legos was a good idea so we have a box for each color
- He won't let his friends come into our house unless they take off their shoes first
- He's totally grossed out if someone puts their hands or mouths on a faucet
- He can only sleep if he's given the "tight tuck" first
- Shoes cannot be tied and if they are they have to be tied around his ankles

I know some of these things seem totally normal, but he's only 7 and I listen to him talking to his friends about some of these and other things and his friends just look at him like he's from another planet!


Carolyn F said...

Quirky can be good!

Laura said...

That is so funny Julie, but like Carolyn said "Quirky can be good!"
I think the part about color coding his legos is hilarious!

Jill said...

I think every child of 7 has their own planet to live on. If Jason had one, godzilla would live there with him! LOL!

He is adorable

Fee said...

LOL my son quirked it could just be 7 yr old boys. :) Mikey is the same way for a lot of things. :)

rmeyfe said...

OH good I am not the only one whose obsessiveness and complusiveness have rubbed off on their child. We call ours mini-monk {like the TV show}. It isn't bad just kind of cute how they have little quirks that young. :)

Anita said...

Hey, being a neat freak can be a good thing. It's just the opposite with my girls. They'd rather get their teeth drilled than clean their rooms!

Briana said...

LOL about him color coding his legos!! He is kinda quirky but it’s cute. I see a scrapbook page coming on about this!