Monday, January 16, 2006

Oh So Sad

This is my dear friend Julie .... She's 28, a wife and mother to 2 beautiful little girls.

Julie has always had asthma but right before Thanksgiving she really began having trouble breathing. The doctors upped the amount of meds in her inhaler and some other things but nothing seemed to be working. In the last few weeks every breath has been a struggle for her. Yesterday she had to be taken to the ER and through the course of this weekend the news is this.....

Julie basically has end stage emphysema...she's never smoked or lived with any smokers, never has had any jobs that would put her lungs at's all baffling to the doctors. When I left the hospital today the Drs. were in the process of getting paperwork filled out to get her transferred to a lung treatment a nutshell that means she will be on the list for a lung transplant and it needs to happen sooner than later.

This has happened so rapidly....all of us that love and care about her and her family are trying to rally around and support them with positive faces and attitudes.....but at the same time we're struggling with what the future holds for them.

If you are a praying person could you please lift them up in your prayers? Julie is a true woman of faith and knows that her God is in control of all of this and His will is what will be done. But as for me, my will is that she will be healed fully and completely and soon.


rmeyfe said...

OMGosh, I will so pray for her. I wish her all the luck and hope they can find a donor or something for her soon.


Briana said...

That is so sad! How come I keep hearing about all these people my age getting really sick? I hope she has a donor. I'm a donor for that reason, so if anything happens to me, someone else can live a life. I will pray for her and her family.

Laura said...

My prayers for Julie! How is she doing Julie? I hope she can hang in there for a transplant! HUGS!