Sunday, May 28, 2006

Coming Home!

Going away is great....but sometimes coming home is even better. I spent the last 4 days in an amazing cabin at Big Bear Lake with 21 girlfriends. What a time we had!!

We slept in....ate well....shopped....went to the movies.....played Dance, Dance Revolution and just connected with each other on level that is always hard to do when you are involved in the 'hurry up and go' attitude our society seems to live in. I think the trip up the mountain, although exhausting, has refreshed spirits and we all will be better because of it.

Then we get to come home and that was completely amazing.....we met up at a park...where all the daddies and children had gathered to spend the morning together. These guys rock!
Can you imagine what people at the park were thinking when these 22 daddies and their lots of kids showed up...the daddies toting diaper bags, blankets, sand toys, ice chests....phenomenal! They all spent Friday evening, Saturday and now today together with all the kids. They totally bonded just like we did. Greg even remembered to put sunscreen on the kids and my house is totally clean!!

Living in community is a huge thing to us right now....being deeply connected with our friends and living a life of total involvement with each's a good thing!


Catherine said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful time!

Laura said...

That is just amazing Julie. What a wonderful thing to do with friends. It's so cool about the dads and kids too. How fun and relaxing!

Bonni said...

glad you had an awesome time girl, a much needed break...and Yeah for Greg...totally cool