Friday, June 02, 2006

Everyone Can Be Obscure

Annette posted her second blog challenge....3 things that no one would know just by looking at I will bare my soul and share some skeletons that I have hidden....go easy on me okay?!?....confession is good for the soul, right??

1. I almost did not graduate from college. { Mom I hope you aren't reading's been 14 years and I still don't want you to know :) } In my last semester I had a pyschology of human culture or some other horrid class like that and it was at 7:30 am. Because I couldn't stand the class and the instructor was quite sanctimonious I did a lot of sleeping in and missing class. A few weeks before the end of the semester he asked me why I would even bother to show up on the days I did because he was going to fail me anyway. Holy Cow! It took mucho groveling and a lot of extra work but he ended up passing me with an A. Talk about lucky!

2. When I get really mad I have a potty mouth.

3. I was sexually harrassed by my boss at my first job out of college. It was mortifying. When I finally decided to go forward with a complaint the good ol' boys insulated him and he was totally protected and I was left with a freakin' hostile working environment. Needless to say there wasn't much whistle blower protection there and then so I was out of there!

Do you still love me?


Carolyn F said...

Oh my.... especially the third one. If I get up enough courage I'll share something along similar lines... maybe!

Kim J. in Kingston said...

Yes, we still love ya. I can totally relate on #2. And I'm sorry you had to go through #3.

Bonni said...

well I'm guilty of #2 but I don't have to be mad *blushing*
sorry about #3...what a major weinie head

Jessica Bellus Photography said...

I wont go into details on the 3rd one.. but been in a similar situation.. and I dont like to talk about it.. Im sorry that no one believed you and it was a yucky situation..

Guilty of the Potty mouth too.. but really try to keep it quiet.. LOL..

Yes, we still love you!!

Anita said...

I still love you! ;) I'm such a potty mouth when I'm mad you wouldn't want to be around me. But my excuse is I was married to a sailor for over a decade!!!

Laura said...

Of course we still love you Julie. HUGS

Catherine said...

Yes, we love you!!