Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Resolution Rewind

So I haven't made any resolutions this year....yet. But I thought I should look back and see how I did on the ones I made last year. Thank goodness for blog archives.....here was what I said last year.

1. Lose 8 pounds - harder than 5 but easier than 10 and doesn't everyone have some kind of weightloss goal?? Okay - so not all 8 are gone. We threw out all of our scales so I'm not sure how much is gone but I know that my pants aren't tight and I was able to buy a smaller size last month so I'm feeling pretty good about this one.

2. Be a better listener - really try to hear what other people are actually telling me - hmmm.....hard to say....but I definitely worked on this and I think I did better.....I guess only those that have talked to me could really answer this

3. Get a layout or project published....I guess this is my selfish goal....I think it would be very cool to see something I have created in print - well, this didn't happen. I started the year submitting things but nothing got picked up. It's kind of a process to get it all going and I really didn't devote very much time to it.....or......my stuff really isn't publishable....which I'm totally fine with....I like it :)

4. Trust and never doubt my faith - I can say that this one has been 100% accomplished this year. And I guess it's really the most important one

So now to contemplate this years..............................


Simplyliz said...

I'd say it was a successful year for you! I can tell you've been busy, because I haven't seen you around lately. Glad you're posting on your blog again!

How's the book study? Did you finish the book? The Nice Kids one?

Catherine said...

So glad to see you posting here! Looks like you had a successful year!

Julie O said...

You are a successful one Julie! For the record you do listen. We don't believe in scales either, so good job on that.

Laura said...

Sounds like success to me! And your layouts are top-notch so don't worry about that. Who cares if you get published, they still rock!