Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Medical Day

What a day for these kiddos! First Kade visited the most fabulous dentist, Dr. Dan Sones for a check-up and cleaning!
And then it was Keira's turn to visit Dr. Rob for kindergarten shots! We've been building up the idea of these shots for weeks....getting her excited about it. She really was excited...felt like such a big girl.

And then she got the shots....she didn't cry at brave.....but after the 4th shot she was done....but they still had to do the finger-prick blood was pretty hard to get her to pry her hand open. Only one little tear streamed down her face....but that was enough to make me want to cry!

We are sooooo lucky to have doctors that are also close personal friends. My kids have no fear of going because they trust these men. And I do too!

The best part was being able to tell Keira she doesn't have to do this again for 5 years!


Julie O said...

What a brave little Keira! I knew she'd do good. Hey, remember Kade in the ER a couple years back? How many nurses did it take to hold him down? They're getting bigger :(

Simplyliz said...

Hooray for doctors who are friendly! Glad they both are so brave. Kinder shots... such a rite of passage. I can't believe there was only one tear! You lucked out!

Carolyn F said...

Bless her heart -- shots are never fun!

Anita said...

Getting shots is always harder on the parents than it is on the kids!