Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Phrase of the Day

Play Ball!

Today was Opening Day for our Little League. I always love opening day....the boys (and the mommies) have the nervous jitters....the uniforms are sparkling clean.....there's just this great energy in the air.

Here's my little Diamondback. They had a great game today. His team looks sooo solid! Kade got to play short-stop and pitch, his 2 favorite things. He made some exciting defensive plays and he got the first hit of the season for his team. I know that sounds a little braggy about my boy.....but I am so darn proud of him. And he is on cloud 9!


Melissa said...

Brag all you want!!! That is great. Good job Kade!

Simplyliz said...

Yay for Kade! Hope this is a great season!

You'll have to teach me how to be a baseball mom, Julie, I am new to this boy stuff.

Melanie said...

Go ahead and brag away, Julie! :)

Kathy said...

So when is he going pro? He is such the ball player! Go Kade!