Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Most Selfless Form of Recycling

It's ECO Wednesday some I am sticking with the theme - but in a different context - recycling yourself. If you don't get any further in this post (because it most likely will be long!) just take this - BECOME AN ORGAN DONOR!

I have an incredibly amazing friend....who today is #3 on the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS) list for a double lung transplant. After I dropped the kids off at school I got a call - at 1:30am she had received "the call" - potential lungs.

So what happens next? The doctors take off, up to 1,500 miles away, to find out if the lungs are a match. If they are, then "the call call" comes. The lungs will be transported here for my friend and the process of the transplant will begin.

I was on my way to Target when I got the call and I continued on my way. But I got there and wandered aimlessly - for 2 1/2 hours with a continuum of thoughts and emotions. And then the next call came - the lungs were rejected. That set off a whole new continuum.

I cannot truly fathom what my friend feels right now....although I do know that at the heart of it all she has peace....peace because she has given this process to Him. She knows she is in His hands.....and there's no better place to be.

So I am sharing my thoughts. My way of working through. My ultimate thoughts are always with my friend and her family but there is so much more.

The doctors - they get a call....they hop a plane to wherever....they evaluate the organs....if they are compatible they hop back on the plane and prepare for an incredible surgery that will take quite some time. These are dedicated doctors....dedicated to the people who's lives they are helping to improve and save. They need to be covered in prayer....for supernatural energy....unmatched skill....thier own health so that when the time is right they are ready to go....and for their total discernment about the organ in question....and today that was the case....this wasn't the one and they knew it.

The donor - My prayer for them is that they know Jesus Christ and will be waking up in Paradise. And I am so grateful for them....that they realized there was a time when they would no longer need their bodies and they are willing to share and 'recycle' as it would be.....I have realized driver's license says family is well aware of my wishes.

The donor's family - In their hour of loss I would prayer that they have a ray of comfort...a comfort that the one they loved is helping a one I love. I'm also grateful to them....that they honored the wishes of their loved one.

So I have 2 challenges for you today - really I am heavily urging you to take these on....if you are not already...seriously consider organ donation...research about....I will pray for you, that you would be comforatable and sure in putting that red sticker on your driver's license. Secondly, pray....pray for everyone touched and used in this process....

If you are interested in more facts about organ donation
UNOS you can find it at UNOS.


Tina said...

It's the best recycling anyone can do! I am an organ donor....great story..I hope and pray your friend finds new lungs soon.

Amanda said...

Way to go Julie, great insight! Great for other people to understand the little bit that we can about what other's go through and to personalize it!

Love you!