Sunday, February 17, 2008


Could it really happen again? Could these boys get robbed by the umpires two days in a row? Oh yes it can and it did!!

The first game this a.m. we had the same umping crew as yesterday and the one umpire (who informed us that his name was 'Ashton' not 'that guy')made about 4 blantantly horrific calls against our boys. Now it's no biggie if the bad calls are going both ways - it stinks but at least it stinks fairly.

So then we go to the second game of the day and guess who's behind the plate? Ashton. Are you kidding me????!!!! Right from the get go his calls were obviously completely against our boys. By the second inning he made a call that made grandma would've known was wrong and our coach just lost it. We knew as soon as we saw his hat go on backwards and he ran out of the dugout. Of course our coach was ejected and the boys were dejected. They played hard but it didn't matter - Ashton had decided our boys were going to have to work twice as hard. Again, I think it's a travesty that they umpire was able to take the ball out of the boys' hands and influence the games as much as he did.

At the end of the game Coach sat down with the boys, apologized to them for getting ejected, explained how he wants to protect them and let them play ball. It was great.

And I totally did the 'mom thing'. I waited until after the game and went over and Ashton to speak with him. The conversation went like this -

Me: As the mom of a White Sox player I have to say that I am very saddened that you screwed these boys every opportunity you had. It was bad yesterday and worse today.

Ashton: I am fair and unbiased.

Me: Um, no you're not and I am sure that fans from either sides of the bleachers would agree with me. (btw I already knew this was true because parents and coaches from the other teams had already approached us and apologized for how awful it seemed)

Ashton: I'm fair and unbiased.

Me: Well, no you're not and as a mommy I am very disappointed in you.

And with that I turned around and walked away.

So the boys will live to play another day - although it will never again be at Santa Susanna Little League in Simi Valley!!


joybear said...

what a bummer!! You can tell by ALL of their faces things were not fair. ((HUGS))) to all,

Simplyliz said...

I wonder what it will take for the league to change it... maybe if nobody will come to their tournaments? How awful for the boys.

"I am fair and unbiased. And I can't speak extemporaneously, or I might show the truth..."

Amanda said...

Ahhh yes Ashton from Santa Susanna. Know him! Not fair...Not unbiased. Yuck! We played their last summer and oh my gosh what a dissappointment indeed.

I know the boys can once again rise above it!

Melanie said...

Oh man! We had a couple of calls like that in soccer today, and our team trainer got thrown out, too! I hope you never have to play there again!