Friday, February 08, 2008

Oh the 80's

Can I just say I love my friends!? Even when they think the ecological footprint test is 'eco-nazi'? heehee! Seriously, I think we are truly blessed when we have friends that don't always agree with us....friends that occassionaly agree with us....friends that challenge us....friends that trust us.....friends that accept us....friends that are willing to tell us when they think we are wrong....friends that are there to help wipe away the tears....friends that are there to celebrate the moments.....friends that don't always have to say 'I told you so' (but you know they did!).....friends that you can be with and don't even have to talk....friends that you can call or that can call you at 11:30pm on a worknight and say "I need to talk".....

I have friends that fit all these categories and I can't imagine life without them. How sad and lonely it would be!! So let's start the weekend off by being thankful for our friends. Let a friend know how much you care!

My friend Glenn sent me this - brought quite a giggle - guess this was before Seinfeld since Jason has hair!




Simplyliz said...

Be careful, if you start posting his You Tubes, there's no telling what he'll send you. :)

photolady said...

I love friend!