Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jacked Up!

If someone asked me how I felt this week - that is what I would say.....completely and totally jacked up......but of course that's not what I said (except to Greg)......I put on the happy face and pretended to be fine.

I don't remember being this far into my tunnel in a long time....and there were so many things that bugged the crap out of me this week......

the car pool kid who decided to go the complete opposite way of where he was supposed to get picked up resulting in a 45 minute frantic search for him ~ Kade's baseball coach deciding they need to practice for 9 hours this week ~ the witch at the Humane Society that won the dog we had hoped to get in the lottery and instead of being gracious jumped up and down screaming "I got the dog" "HA HA" I really hope that freakin' dog bites the crap out of her!

Anyway of course there's more but it does not good getting snarky and falling deeper into my pit. So I put Dan the Dog on the leash this morning and we ran....ran until my lungs were bursting and my muscles were burning. Now off to a warm cup of coffee and a hot shower....and a new attitude!


Catherine said...

Hope the rest of the day goes a little better!

Briana said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day. It's good you have something good you do when you are stressed and unhappy, instead of eat. I wish I would run my frustrations out!