Saturday, February 04, 2006


So we have this very cool Secret Sweetie thing going on over at a Secret Santa but for V-Day!

Today Fed-Ex rings the bell and I have a package from Space Savers. Couldn't think of anything I had ordered....I did get some food storage stuff for Christmas and thought maybe this was part of that. But when I opened the box I found a gorgeous paint can filled with goodies from Carolyn!

Now I have seen the paint can on the site and read Carolyn's posts about it but never thought it would show up at my door!

Here's a pic that Carolyn posted....and above the word jar it says JULIE'S!

Thanks Carolyn! I love it!!


Carolyn F said...

The whole picture is up at Scrap Addict now -- I was pretty sure you had no clue it was you!

rmeyfe said...

That is really pretty!