Monday, February 20, 2006

Live First......Think Second

What a great day yesterday was......Greg and I have been contemplating becoming a part of the Bridge Community. I love the way they worship but mostly I love the way that they live their faith.....complete with imperfections....accepting with open arms....they are just a group of REAL pretenses....just people.

I really need to be with REAL people right now. I get so tired of pretending I'm fine so that I don't make anyone uncomfortable but that gets so exhausting and that's not really me....where I am at that moment....why do I fail myself by not letting the real, where I am girl it just so I don't seem too wacky with the reality of my that others don't turn and run in the opposite direction. I must say that I am blessed with some fabulous friends who totally get it and I can totally be ME with them. And Greg....he gets me too....good thing, huh?

The other night Greg and I were talking and I told him "you know, I feel like I'm doing really good with my depression lately." His answer "Yeah, except when you're depressed." Classic Greg - black and white with no shades of grey.....the guy gets me!

So I leave you today with a thought from Pastor Greg that really hit me

"Live yourself into a new way of thinking.....don't try and think yourself into a new way of living...."


Julie said...

What a typical man! No gray areas.

Great quote! Very inspirational!!

rmeyfe said...

Great quote. I need to listen to it myself. :)

Thanks for sharing it.

Carolyn F said...

OK, what's a bridge community?

Anita said...

Acceptance is a wonderful thing. I hope that by being around others who accept you for who you are, you'll be able to start accepting yourself. Listen to me, I sound like Dr. Phil. -insert eyes rolling at self- But really, it sounds like a step in the right direction. Good for you, keep chugging along. :)