Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ode to Technology

Technology can be great - there are some things about it I love - my PC, TiVo, Caller Id....and then there are ways that technology can go strangely in the invention of The Fart Machine.
This lovely piece of electronic adventure was given to my son by my husband........Of course this little gadget always seems to appear on play-date days and the boys like to see just how many times they can sneak it into the office behind me and have it bellow in all it's splendor via the remote control in their possession. They end up on the floor rolling around holding their sides in laughter the first time, the second time, the third time, the fourth get the picture So what's a mom to do??? Well first I will publicly apologize on my blog to the mother of the other boys for the atrocious habits they are picking up from my son {Sorry K!} and second, turn my back to the door so they can sneak the machine in again - because as horrible as those fart sounds are the pure, unadulterated, joyous laughter coming from these boys is music to my ears.


Catherine said...

Oh wow! I can so relate to this!!!

Pam said...

LOL!We never had one of those, but we had a laugh kids loved turning that thing on all the time!

Jessica Bellus Photography said...

ROTFL!! Would you believe Tim has one? and he bought a little keychain one for Wyatt.. Kids, I tell ya.. but I do love to hear the laughter ;)