Friday, June 30, 2006

Perplexing Tweets

One of the things I enjoy about the breaking of dawn are the cheerful tweets of the birds in the trees. I don't expect to hear the chirps and twitters between 9pm and 3am - that's hoot time!

But somehow, we have a very confused bird living somewhere in our backyard. For the last week once it hits about 9pm, he starts singing. It goes on for hours! I was scrapping until 1am last night with the window open and this bird was in full opera mode!

I can't figure out exactly where he is. I really want a picture of this mixed up fellow. There is something about him....he sings when he wants to......right time or not......I'm sure there is some lesson for me in his song.

1 comment:

Simplyliz said...

Huh... we have a bird like that. We call him the Satan Bird, he followed us here from our old house. Maybe he has moved to your side of the river bed. You can keep him, glad you are enjoying him :)