Saturday, June 03, 2006

We {heart} Poptarts!

Poptarts are big in my house.....Kade loves the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon - not toasted; Keira love the Strawberry or Blueberry - not toasted; I love the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Unfrosted and toasted; and Greg usually has to eat whatever is left over. We've tried all the new flavors, S'mores, Cookie Dough, SpongeBob Berry but for us it seems the original tried and true flavors are the best.

I created this layout for a challenge from
  • The Freestyle Blog
  • and used a great
  • ScrapAddict kit
  • . I think I'll go have a poptart now!


    Wanderingscribe said...

    Thanks for your kind words on the VanRyn site.
    We have additional info and pictures at
    God bless……..

    Wobblingscruffbag said...
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    Fee said...

    You know I {heart}pop tarts with you and this doll actually sent me pop's frosted brown sugar for m, me it's strawberry unfrosted and blueberry unfrosted for kev and k :)

    Fee said...

    ahh sweetie..that first comment is some yahoo also..that link takes you to quite a blog..go check it out!

    rmeyfe said...

    Very cute layout!! I love them too! I love that freestyle blog, they have some really cool layouts. I haven't gotten the book yet but it is on my must have list (hoping DHubby will get it for my b-day).

    Again -- love the layout!! :)