Monday, December 05, 2005

I Can't Sleep!!

Doggone it! I am so tired that I can't sleep....must be up in 5 hours....I'm sure I'll be sleeping well then.

Do you ever wonder why some people just seem to have a negative personality? Take joy in making others miserable? Complain about little insignificant things? I've been wondering about this a lot today - probably because a person like this has been affecting me today......probably another reason I can't sleep....trying to formulate some kind of response to this person.

What I really want to say and what I will say are two different I'm trying to take the raw emotion and turn it into something that could become productive and not actually fuel this little insignificant fire. Oh I could go for the 5 Alarm Fire and blow this baby up! But we're really trying to teach Kade to let the small crap roll off his back....if I'm going to preach it I better live it!

So what do you think - I will see this person on Friday (along with about 30 others) and could do this face to face or I can email tomorrow and try to smooth out some of the rough spots. What would you do? What sucks is that this also is affecting a very dear friend who shouldn't have to be dealing with petty stuff right now!

Okay I've rambled enough..............back to my warm cozy bed........


Bonni said...

Well, sorry you're stressing over someone to where you can't sleep girl...Just remember I have a couple shovels and Buddy and I like to dig :)

Laura said...
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Laura said...

I work with too many negative people Julie and I know it's tough dealing with people like that. Especially for those of us that are more positive about things. Hang in there girl!