Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Upside of Illness

Day 5 of being in bed with some viral nastiness!! Honestly I can never remember being this sick in my life!! I find myself wallowing in self-pity, missing the kids Christmas programs, holiday parties, a surprise party for my birthday that some friends at work set to snap out of it I decided to list some of the good points!

1. 5 days of not eating - a great head start to the "lose weight" New Year's Resolution.

2. The kids are actually depending on Daddy to read goodnight stories, help brush hair, etc. Cool!!

3. My skin looks great! It's super hydrated since all I've been doing is drinking!!

4. Haven't done any housecleaning, laundry......but the house is still clean and the laundry is done - thanks Mom and Greg!!

5. People bring you soup. Delicious, homemade friend Lynette did this Chicken Enchilada Soup last night....oh my gosh...fabulous!

So I need to focus on these!! But still...Santa, could you bring me my health back??


pixleyyy said...

Hope you feel better really soon.

Laura said...

Glad you are trying to pull out the good things here Julie! Every day is a new day and before you know it you'll be going stir-crazy again!

Kim J. in Kingston said...

I hope you feel better soon. I'm there with you in the sick boat, although not as bad fortunate for me.

Way to think on the positive side of things. I'm LOL at your skin looking great from all the fluids!