Thursday, December 01, 2005

What I Need

Okay - I was very intrigued by the "Put your name in the Google Search Engine followed by the word 'needs' and see what happens" I did it! Quite funny I must say....

According to Google, here is what I need

Julie Needs Cards 4 Hospital Visit 4 Transplant

Meet Julie - Needs Early Start

Julie Needs Your Help!Julie Needs Your Help! ... Welcome To the World Headquarters for Save Julie:
Campaign 2000. We here at SJ2K are working tirelessly to preserve a way of life ... - 15k - Cached - Similar pages

Julie Needs a Last-Minute Fordham Hybrid I know it's rather late in the game,
but I need a partner for Fordham. I can run anything from sci-fi to con law ...

I'm ablogging: Meghan needs a savage beating
Julie needs to work on her parenting. (Oh, I BEG to differ!) Julie needs some
time and patience with a friend who is willing to work with her.

Julie needs to call the artist at Black Cat Typography

Julie needs to work on her parenting. Last night when Marissa stormed off and
there was a delay in retrieving her, I said to myself, "wouldn't happen with ...

UK Political Weblogs - Julie Morgan
Ideally, Julie needs to bite the bullet

Tara says, "Julie needs complete access in the hallway

The Sun Online - Fit Squad: Band aid
Tunic tops are also great although Julie needs to go for cotton styles with abit of structure rather than anything too flimsy like chiffon, which clings ...

So I think it's kinda funny that 2 of the 10 say I need help with parenting!! Also, I'm going to have to check out the site that is trying to preserve the Julie Way of Life!

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