Wednesday, July 19, 2006

2 Days for the Price of 1

So much going on yesterday! No chance to write so here's the recap

Monday - Got up and drove quite a ways to the island famous Liliha bakery.....their delicacy is the Cocoa Puff....kind of a reverse cream puff....breakfast was sugary sweet! Then everyone decided to hike Diamond Head Crater.....I knew Keira would not make it to the top of the volcano so she, my niece Brooke and I headed off on the Waikiki trolley to Hilo Hattie's, home of island wares....we spent a few hours and a nice chunk of change on fun island trinkets. Then back to the pool and swimming.

Greg, Jeff, Brooke, Greg's dad and I decided to swim wayyyyy out in the Pacific and found ourselves in the middle of huge sea turtles. What amazing creatures! They would just keep popping up all around us. It was incredible.

That night Jeff, Melanie, Greg and I hit the town without kids.....dinner at the Chart House, drinks at Da Big Kahuna, more drinks poolside at Duke's Ocean Club.....a great end to a busy day!

Today - got up wayyyyyy to early to try and get to Pearl Harbor. The kids needed to eat first so by the time we got to PH it was 7:45. The line was hour and a half to get your ticket then another 2 and 1/2 hour wait to get on the boat. So instead of going out to the memorial we did the audio tour of the museum. There was a PH survivor there so Keira took her pic with him. That was cool. I think Greg and his brother will head back out there tomorrow morning to they can go out to the USS Arizona.

Then we headed out to Aloha Stadium to the swap meet. An interesting jaunt. And of course....back to the pool! This afternoon we headed out on a catamaran with some island natives....quite the relaxing...not for Greg though....sea sickness got the better of him at the beginning of the trip. Kade and Keira were both lulled to sleep - it was beautiful!

Off to eat some seafood!!


Carolyn F said...

Julie it sounds like you are having an AWESOME trip. We gotta see a hair picture though!

Laura said...

Wow you are experiencing some really neat things! Too bad the line was so long for PH though-bummer! Glad you are having a great time and I'm really lovin' ready about it so keep up the good work ;)

Jessica Bellus Photography said...

*sniff. my old stomping ground. Im glad that you had a fabulous time.. makes me miss it even more tho ;) We lived right next to Pearl Harbor on the Airforce base. those were some of the best times.