Thursday, July 06, 2006

My New Word of the Day

overwhelmedness - I'm going to stay it's a noun verb combo.....I know this his horrible coming from a teacher - making up my own words - but it's also creative expression, which a friend reminded me is a good thing.

So what's the definition - well, it's a suffocating state of being....a place where everything is out of control but you feel like if you could stand on your tip toes you could reach everything and grasp it and pull it back into control. But no matter how tall your high heels, no matter how big the chair you stand on everything remains just out of reach.

So I've disappeared......let everything spin......feel like I'm looking up at a whirlpool.....I'll swim out but I just need to sit back and watch for a little invisible.....embrace the uncertainty......

So here's some lyrics from DMC - formerly of Run DMC........ponder on these.....

"I have a lot of thoughts like who the hell am I, what is the truth and what is a lie.
But I think about my life and everything is okay,
I've got to pave a way brighter day....
Because it's really plain and simple when it came to me
There's a lot of people just like me."

So I know.... this is random....this is odd.....but today - this is me.


Simplyliz said...

Actually, that has a touch of adjective to it as well... :0

One step at a time, that and accepting that this is a constant state until the kids grow up, at least. That's my philosophy.

Hope you catch your breath soon. It was nice to chat with you yesterday.

rmeyfe said...

I love your word. It could describe how I feel a lot of the time too.