Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Few Days in Paradise!

Another 2fer - very bad connection where we are here's the re-cap

Thursday - woke up this morning......took the kids to breakfast....told G we needed to go to the International MarketPlace one last time. "Why?" he asked. "I don't know." "What are you looking for?" he asks. "I don't know."

But after being there for only about 10 minutes I knew exactly why. We came across a young girl, crying, being restrained by a shopkeeper. He had a very tight grasp on her arms and would not let go. He kept yelling at her "Why your friend not pay?!?" She kept saying "I don't know what you are talking about, please let me go." But he wouldn't. Greg went over and tried to get the guy to let go of her to no avail. Then another young girl came running up screaming "Let my friend go!" I got security and finally the guy let the girl go. I sat with them and Greg talked with the owner and the security. The owner thought the girl's friend stole something so he 'captured' her friend to try and get her to return. I got the girl's mom on the phone - they were there from Seattle for a soccer tournament - Greg filled out a report......I don't know whether or not the girl stole the $1.00 magnet or not....I hope not....she stared me right in the eyes and said she didn't. But the other girl...she was totally traumatized.....she said she thought the guy was going to take her somewhere and do something terrible to her.

So that's why we were there. The girl's mother was very thankful. I told her that I hoped if my daughter ever found herself in a situation like this that someone would help her....and I told the girl's that they needed to try and enjoy what was left of their trip....and also to be aware of how they can find opportunities to help someone in need.

After that we headed back to the hotel (no, I didn't buy anything at the marketplace) and packed up. Loaded into the car and headed off through the pineapple and sugar cane fields to the North Shore and Turtle Bay.

We got checked in and OMG!! We are staying in a beach front cottage....opens onto a lovely veranda. We have a hammock, some chaise lounges with fabulous cushions (that's where I am right now!), the pools have natural rock and waterfalls, there are tons of turtles swimming in the beach right off our veranda.....and we have our own concierge named Brian. He takes care of everything. Keeps the ice bucket full, brings fresh fruit to the kids every morning, makes all the necessary reservations, etc. He is a Hoo'ki'pa, which translates into butler - never had one of those before. Seriously I don't want to leave this place. I told Greg we need a few more days here so we shall see!

Last night we drove into Halei'wa and ate at Cholo's Mexican food! I needed me some salsa! Lovin' the fresh fish and fruit but I really needed something spicy! Then it was back to the cottage and more swimming for the kids.

Today - Greg and Jeff had a 6:45 tee time on the Arnold Palmer course. That's basically what brought us to Turtle Bay - thank goodness! The kids and I slept in and then Kade and I decided to walk over to the course and get some pics of Greg golfing. We walked, and walked, and walked, and got lost, and walked, and asked for directions, and walked.....for an hour and a half and we finally found them. They were at the 13th hole by then so we rode along on the cart....unless someone was coming and then we had to walk some more. We totaled up the mileage and it was 7 miles! Kade was such a trooper....never was great to have that time with him just to talk....we were freakin' tired by the end though and starving since we hadn't had breakfast.

When we got back I took him to the cabana at the pool and we had cheeseburgers and then swam. That felt good! Then we headed off to the keiki bay so he could do some snorkeling....but he was more excited about skipping rocks!

Right now we are off to a luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center and then a show. Keira is looking forward to the hula dancers and Kade can't wait to see the fire dancers.

Until later - aloha!


Kat said...

I remember the PCC! Well growing up there it was a love/hate relationship with the PCC only because everytime relatives came to visit we had to visit PCC/T-Bay, and Sea Life Park and the rest of the drill. Oh, Julie bring back tons of pics okay?

Catherine said...

Sounds like you are having a really wonderful time? How did you like the PCC?

Simplyliz said...

I am so glad you are posting this... it's helping my vacarious experience!

Carolyn F said...

I'm so jealous....

Just a thought... said...

Soak it up and bring back some great connections for us! Wish you had bought a magnet to put on your fridge to remind you that God invited you along on a "divine intervention". Praise Him! If I remember right this is not the first time you have been in a critical position ready to step in and provide comfort and help! Love that you are my friend, JB

Laura said...

Sounds like true paradise! So glad you had a wonderful vacation!

Jessica Bellus Photography said...

Can you Believe that Wyatt slept thru the show.. he was all of about 2 weeks old.. For sure at the end, when the drums were going thought he would wake up.. but nope he didnt!

I Miss Kailua pig.. LOve that stuff ;)