Thursday, July 27, 2006

All gave Some - This One Gave All

A soldier that I have never met.....yet my heart breaks at the news of his passing. He is the nephew of a friend, a son, a brother, a grandson, a friend.....serving his country....protecting those he has never met....craving peace.....peace that he now has but all of those who loved and cared for him will always seek.

Dennis was killed in action by enemy fire on July 24.....Keira's every year when we celebrate her birth I will also offer up prayers for Dennis and his family.....celebration of life and death.....tied together always.

Regardless of how you feel about the war, you have to feel gratitude and compassion for these young men and women in the armed forces....and for their families. Maybe the reality of this war does not hit you every didn't me.....until now.....we often would pray for those overseas.....but I had not experienced a personal loss in direct relation to what is happening in Iraq.....until now......and even though Dennis and I had never feels personal.

So pray....pray for Dennis' family and the hell they are going through....pray for their healing....pray for peace.....pray for all the other heroes that are still on the front lines day in and day out.....just pray.

By the way - this layout was created by Laura as a tribute to Dennis and his brother Dana who is also serving.


Catherine said...

This is beautiful and touching.

Simplyliz said...

My thoughts exactly. Exactly.

Bonni said...

Wonderful blog entry Julie...Totally with you!

Pam said...

A touching tribute!

Laura said...

Thank you Julie for this and everything you've said and done! You are a treasure! (((((hugs)))))