Monday, July 17, 2006

Humidity versus Hair

I had forgotten how my hair and humidity are not friends! There is the crazy frizz....and the fact that it takes twice as long to blow dry....and yes...I have fixed my hair twice since we've been here....for nights on the town!

Speaking of nights on the town....tonight we went to Planet Hollywood Waikiki....major yuck! My fil had a huge problem with their pink lemondade that was not mexican chicken had sweet bbq sauce on bil's sandwich came with 5 whole french fries on the side....Greg's lasagna looked like....well it was round and looked like it had been plucked off a rock from the sea....basically I was totally disappointed and felt bad because it was my idea to eat there!!

Other highlights of the day.....went to Blowhole (love that name) and searched some tide pools...found a teeny hermit crab....Keira was the only one that would touch it....the 4 older ones just looked on as she let it climb up her arm....Kade was a major snorkeler......Keira and I walked down the beach to the Royal Hawaiian and watched some hula.....

Back to the hair though, the good thing is I can also just embrace the frizz! The chances of running into someone I know are pretty slim....there are the pictures....but I am the gatekeeper of you may never know just how bad my hair looks!


Laura said...

I bet you are seeing some beautiful things. What a bummer about your meals! Doesn't sound too appetizing. I hope your hair adjusts to the climate so you don't have to hide too many pics from us. ;)

Simplyliz said...

Vacation hair never counts... don't worry about it! Can't wait to see the photos.