Monday, July 03, 2006

Five Things I Like About Me!

This month Annette from ScrapAddict is running a blog/layout challenge. The first task is to make a list of five things I like about myself.....

1. My faith - I really do truly believe that God has a bigger plan than anything I can imagine. I have lived through some really difficult, life-changing events....without my faith I see no way I would have made it through.

2. My creativity - I really like the fact that I can be creative. It's such a joy to sit down and make something from nothing.

3. My humor - I think I am funny. Greg thinks it's funny that I think I am funny. My sense of humor is not the same as many others....but I get a kick out of myself.

4. My top teeth - Years of braces did the trick!

5. My eyes - Not so much as how they look as what they see. I see beauty all around.....

Now - time to work on the layout!


Simplyliz said...

Great list! I like all of them!

Catherine said...

This is so great! How wonderful you have these things to like! I'm sure others could list many more awesome qualities!