Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back on the Field!

Well both of my kiddos hit the soccer field this morning....and it was also my coaching debut! To sum up today in a word - chaos!

Kade's game got rescheduled for 12:45 and Keira was to play at 12:30.....but Keira's game is only supposed to last about 45 minutes so we figured she and I would make it for the last quarter or so of Kade's game.

Keira and I got to the field at noon and all of the other Shooting Star Ponies began to arrive. By 12:25 there was no other team there yet for us to play. So here's what I learned today....if the schedule says your game is at 12:30....that really means your game is at 1:00 or any time between 12:30 and 1:00....just whenever people show up. WHAT!!??!! The scheduled game time is not the scheduled game time apparently. I'll have to call about that this week. After our girls had already been there warming up for a half hour, they were pretty much done. Well, Keira was really done. Her terror-ific attitude really made it hard for me to coach the other 7 girls. We ended up losing, 3 to 1, but the parents didn't seem upset and I think most of the girls had a good time. My head was spinning though! I did get in trouble for going onto the field during the of the little girls decided to sit in the middle of the field and suck her thumb....I was afraid she was going to get run over and she wouldn't get up so I went out to pick her a visit from the Division Director telling me to stay off the field. Oh well!

As our game ended I jumped in the car and headed to another park for Kade's game...and I pulled up just as the ref blew the whistle signaling the end of the game! I hear that Kade had a great game....they won 5 to 1. I took him to get an ice cream, just the 2 of us, so he could tell me all about it.

Okay - only nine games to go!


Simplyliz said...

Tough love, Coach, That girl will only learn not to sit and suck her thumb if she actually gets run over!

Glad you made it through the first game, bet ice cream was a good trade off for Kade. :)

Only 9 more? How quick!

Laura said...

I'd be all over that start time thing. Not there at the designated time they forfeit!
My niece had a coach whose dd played and was like the one you described. It was horrible and made for a long season.
Hang in there though! I'm sure it will get better.
And yayyy for Kade!!! WTG

Briana said...

Glad you got through your coaching debut! Glad kade won!!

Catherine said...

Wish you could coach Elise's soccer team. She's playing for the first time this fall.