Tuesday, August 15, 2006

She's No Bunny

but the girl's got hops! Or is it she's looking for a way to stay entertained at her brother's baseball practice? I'd say it's a little bit of both!

I finally got Challenge #2 done for Ann(i)e's Blog Challenge. It was to use angled papers. So I found these silly pics of Keira and decided to go for it using the absolutely fabulous Geisha Girl kit from

So not much else going on today....fairly lighthearted wouldn't you say? Guess you never know what you'll find on this journey with me....it's either heavy or light....maybe I'll try some in between sometime....heehee


Chrissie said...

Very cute layout. I like, I like!

Laura said...

Such a cute lo! It's nice to have a little light with a little heavy. All evens out.

Catherine said...

Just love this! Kids can be so inventive!

Simplyliz said...

I"m gonna have to look at those challenges, this is a cute page! Gotta love a kid's imagination, huh?