Monday, August 14, 2006

Busy Day at Our House

Well, Keira started her first day of Pre-K today!! She loved her day. She already knew the teacher and has 2 of her little girlfriends in the class. Such fun! Of course the new school outfit had to have pink in it! I'm wishing I could find a pair of pants like hers in my size!

She came home with a painting and 2 drawings. And when Kade asked how the day was she gave a little hop and said "good" and then was on her way to something else!

There is a movie being filmed in town right now. My friend J'Daire let us know they were looking for extras around Kade's age so he decided he would like to go.He got to be a kid playing basketball and in another scene playing 4 Square. A few of his friends were there and they had a good time. Of course they didn't get the "hurry up and wait" thing that was going on....but sometimes I don't either!

Now of course Keira was with us but she was too small/young to be in the shots. But as soon as I turn my back on her she's off, and has one of the production assistants wrapped around her finger. She went up and told him "I'm too small to play basketball." So what do you think they did? Well create a part for her of course! Good grief!

She is now the "hopscotch girl" in one of the playground scenes. Then it was off to wardrobe (aka Mom's car) to change into another outfit for the lunch scene. The director of the movie came out and talked to her and then asked if we could have her back at 7:45 in the morning. There's a big chance that call will be cancelled, which would be great because I would like to sleep in, but they have her number so we'll see.

So now we're home, eating sloppy joes, recapping the day.....who knows what tomorrow will bring!


Laura said...

Wow how exciting! Keira looks so cute in her 1st day of school outfit.

Just a thought... said...

"Star Light, Star Bright...we all knew Kiera's star was waiting alright!

How fun... We know that director didn't sleep that night with those big baby blues printed in his mental casting book :)

Bonni said...

Look at her all dressed up, how CUTE!!!!

Simplyliz said...

That Keira! I look forward to see where life takes here, and where her baby blues take her...

Such a cute first day of school outfit!